Well folks…
We are now in a place of HISTORY, regarding OUR DREAM…the one that BM showed us…
This DREAM of ours is on Heavy Attack by the One’s that DON’T want to HELP…
This is quite a complex being, to put it mildly. This is a character who sees his/her very surroundings as very HOSTILE…AND will find every contact with others, as an attempt to OVERCOME. Further, this character can’t conceive of ANY help given…He/She will interpret any hand stretched out to them, as a HOSTILE gesture.

Therefore, it’s very important when trying to UNDERSTAND others behaviour…HOW do they respond to the very concept of HELP.
Do they think it’s possible to HELP anyone?
Do they think it’s possible to HELP their family?
Do they think it’s possible to HELP any group?
Do they think it’s possible to HELP Mankind?
These are questions they have a HARD TIME answering.

To be more advanced regarding this issue:
…ask them if they feel it’s OK to help somebody…a friend ..a relative…someone. The answer you’ll get will astound you!
SO..the Mental World of these guys is one of deceit, betrayal, lies, corruption and criminality all over. These characters could very well put up a PRETENCE of being A GOOD GUY, but just waiting to stab you in the back. Such a person would speak in general terms when, in a subtle way, accusing someone…
“EVERYBODY knows that XX has this record…and therefore XX is not suitable for the position offered”…
“PEOPLE say that this is not the right thing to do, regarding this matter.”
“THE EXPERTS agree, this is not a thing they can verify.”
“I HEARD someone say that xx had done this several times.”
USUALLY, you can get this line of “reasoning” to collapse, by just asking the simple questions:
What I’m suggesting here is:
USE the above KNOWLEDGE, when trying to read a persons TRUE intentions regarding BM and PIPS…
One SIMPLE respond to a HOSTILE posting…
Have YOU ever HELPED someone…?
IF you'll get a response...
You'll be amazed...
Take Care