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    Wink Let Bryan get on with it!

    "Whatis, before you start slamming others I would suggest that you also read. All the businesses were designed to generate money for the pips member returns and HALOTTO is no different, revenues contribute to the following areas.
    Humanitarian Aid
    Pips profits, which go back to members.
    This is a pips business as is the Bistro, Coffeehouse, Tandoori, Pips Fashion, PIC Capital, PIC Capital Ventures, PIPS Premiere etc.

    it can't get clearer than that can it?

    I suggest you go and read just Bryan's posts before asking Bryan any more questions as they've probably been answered already!
    best wishes, Pete.

    Pete, if you are going to quote Bryan, or anybody else, please use the quote feature so people can see who is saying what..........

    sorry shell, will do.
    Last edited by mammoth; 06-01-2006 at 10:42 AM.

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