I am a pips pioneer, I read the forum but rarely post.
I read the latest update from the communications department at pips.
It distrubed me to read that Bryan and Sharon are living like paupers.
My suggestion is this. If we could ralley together and in our LOVE and SUPPORT of Bryan and Sharon and this whole unfortunate situation, lets get together and send him a card with a few dollars in it. I understand that allot of us are financially destitute at the moment, however, I know that I can find a way to scrape together a few dollars and send it to Bryan, and if we collectively do this, I'm sure it could help him in a major way. Not only would this help him in his financial situation, but think about how it would lift his spirits, and touch his heart. It would give him more energy and endurance to know that we care about his financial needs just as much as he cared about ours and others as he started this whole thing for humanitarian needs. Now he is in Need. Can we ralley together and Help? Any comments or suggestions?????