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    Default TIPS 2 Get Better Results From HYIP Investments

    TIPs 2 Get Better Results From HYIP Investments

    These tips are designed to help both newbie and experienced investors in the HYIP arena. These do not represent the complete list. This is what I practice when deciding whether to invest in a new program – either just launched or newly introduced to me. These tips are not my own creation but the result of research that I have conducted to help me increase the potential for making profit and/or reduce the risk of losing money.

    Tip 1.
    Do a Search on Google – Study the website carefully to understand as best as possible how the program is meant to function. Do not pay too much attention at this stage to:
    a. How the money is earned;
    b. Where the company is located; or
    c. How long they have been in business.

    Choose and copy one or two sentences from both:
    a. Home page; and
    b. Paragraph explaining how they earn their returns.

    Paste the sentences from the home page into the google search bar with quotation marks both at the beginning and the end of the sentence. Do the same for the sentences chosen under (b) above. The search results, majority of the time, will show that these sentences match exactly those found on a professional trader’s website.

    Additionally, do the same for the Admin of the program. This is a little bit more complicated. You need to get the name of the file that the image of the Admin is uploaded at; you can do so by clicking on the properties of the file. Then copy and paste it into a google image search. Here again, the majority of the time the search results will show that the image is an exact copy from another site.

    Conclusion: Do not touch it - the Admin is lying. Your conclusion here has to be conclusive; there are no ‘ifs’ or ‘buts’. Trust your own decision; do not be influenced by what you are told, irrespective of the source.

    Tip 2.
    If the result of the Tip one is inconclusive e-mail the Admin and ask the following three questions:
    a. How is the money earned?
    b. Where is the company located?
    c. How long have you been in business?
    d. How long have you been paying?

    The most common answers that I’ve received were (a) the USA; (b) two years; (c) Forex trading; and (d) been paying members offline for over a year.

    Conclusion: Do not touch it - the Admin is lying.

    These are the two most important aspects of any DD about a company. There are more tips but, relative to the two above, they are not as important.

    Wishing you great success.
    NB:- I was able to select my best paying program, so far, by using these tips.
    Ambition without knowledge is like a boat on dryland. Chinese

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    Thanks! This is a nice addition to my DD strategy!

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    Thanks nobleman
    Oh Yeah!

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