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    Default SC of Malaysia, theBat$, the Trial and BM & BN

    This is a sudden announcement that was brought to our attention. it has EVERYTHING to do with Malaysia and so far, what we have been trying to extract all possible links tied to the fact-finding reports, the role our Moderator theBat$, the current atmosphere that goes beyond the Sultan's palace steeple, the influence of the Govt's campaign and efforts in curbing Internet activities involving HYIPs and the likes and esp., which is no surprise for us all by now, this Trial emanating from the PI Inc and/or BM's case, that may be the center stage of it all...

    We also want you to know, the sadder side as far as we are concern, regarding our Moderator's role...with his assistance, dedication and unenviable commitment he was and still is prepared to undertake so we all (the ex-Pipsters that lost money apparently) can somehow and someday, come to an appreciated closure from the fact-finding endeavors ROLClub and the Membership had initiated on the Marsdens Trial in Malaysia.

    Starting with the sad part.

    TheBat$ has to resign from the position we offered him to sustain a position that is part of the income-drawing resource for ROLClub and the Forum as a whole. This was a drawback not so much as the market is involved, but by the unfortunate fact of where he is located. To surf and to access unhindered and with no boundaries in his now and slowly coming to an abrupt end as we understand t (read the extract pasted below in the quote box.).

    This also means, we have to consider a new replacement for this task, not necessarily as a Moderator for this field alone, but to be able to accept this challenging job to help ROLClub with new and current Advertisers!!!

    Anyone skilled in browsing like a Bat across the plains , night or day...let us know, PM your skill and availability to Admin for consideration.

    Back to our dear Bat again. He shall remain on the one-man task force in gaining all the necessary facts leading to and about the Trial on the Marsdens and whatever that comes off further from it... IT IS FAR from over.

    I know Bat personally and want to help him too, and without divulging further details, there are among members willing and are also now entrusting some basic financial to personal assistance, if you are willing and want to be part of this small group, let me know by PM and I will first discuss with you separately.

    From here on, we move on to the bleak prospects...FOR WHO one might ask? Naturally, we see it for the Marsdens as a consequence from all these latest measures that are now being put in place by the Malaysian Govt against controversial and unrecognized Internet plans or programs that has so far given bitter experiences to the unlucky masses falling prey to their scams!!!

    Your guess is certainly as good as anyone who sees this from the beginning for the fate of the Marsdens with this latest drive by the Securities Commission.

    The Fact-Finding Fund will need your support ever more for a long term...this is without question and unless you truly say and felt..."to hell with it and with them, COUNT ME OUT from here on..." then make it as such!!!

    However, that includes me too from way back but if I wasn't in this position and being part of ROLClub's Admin and seeing how this has now come about, I can still show support regardless of not expecting anything else at the end of it all... it is being part of the pack...and that's what matters here too.

    Donations will be a key part to sustain and whatever amount, reasonable or not, are always welcome and since there is no cheaper and safer way as it once was with E-Gold, we have to abide and accept the next correct way which is either PayPal or Bank Transfer albeit direct or by E-check, which you so choose.

    Moderator theBat$ will, fortunately for us all, still resume his role in gathering facts but hoping on an extra income we provided him, which is now dashed by the Malaysian Govt's attempts to curb Internet malpractices which he was hired to access through his Internet connection, that is now about to end in over a matter of hours from now.

    Thank you for your time and continued support and we look upon your donations as a means to help gather the facts we still are in search of.

    The Admins.

    The goverment has ordered the SC and it has started blocking the sites. The SC has warned, soon it would be going after people who still persist to access the sites.

    I don't think it is wise for me to continue. Although I really don't want to give this job up, I have no choice.

    Please inform admin to find a replacement as soon as possible. Very sorry.


    Quote Originally Posted by thestaronline

    News Thursday June 7, 2007

    SC to continue blocking illegal investment websites

    PETALING JAYA: The illegal online investment schemes blocked by the Securities Commission (SC) in Malaysia from Monday can still be accessed in other countries but the SC urged Malaysians to avoid them.

    "Investors are strongly advised to check on the licensing status of any investment scheme that they intend to invest in, with the relevant local or foreign authorities," SC said in a statement yesterday.

    The commission has warned illegal investment scheme operators that it would continue to block their websites.

    Some websites claimed to be legal but the SC advised the public to check the list of licensed intermediaries available on the SC website Securities Commission, Malaysia.

    The public are reminded that investments through unlicensed parties had no protection under local securities laws.

    To help the public make more informed decisions, the SC has issued a set of frequently asked questions (FAQ) and answers on its website.
    here's the link : The Star Online : TechCentral - Malaysia Technology

    Quote Originally Posted by thestar online
    Friday June 1, 2007

    Securities Commission to filter out scams on Net

    PETALING JAYA: The Securities Commission will block access to websites offering illegal investment schemes beginning June 11.

    Investors, the commission said, would not be able to enter their accounts once access to the websites was blocked.

    “All existing investors to such schemes via the Internet are urged to withdraw their investments and terminate their accounts immediately,” the SC said in a statement on its website yesterday

    De****e repeated warnings and investor alerts, people still continued to invest in illegal investment schemes, it said.

    “Between April and this month, the SC has received about 720 enquiries and complaints on illegal Internet investment schemes with some indicating that had they lost huge sums of money.”

    The SC said it was working with the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) and CyberSecurity Malaysia to track, identify and block access to local and foreign websites promoting such investment scams.

    Log on to Securities Commission, Malaysia for the list of companies and individuals licensed by SC and for the list of those not authorised to deal in securities, providing investment advice and related fund management services, among others.
    here's the link :
    Securities Commission to filter out scams on Net
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