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!) Reward The Idealist
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The first payment is $2 dollars and it goes to the INITIATOR LB Account Number is: U1843666. Transfer $2 dollars into the account. Don't Change this number 1 position. Everybody who participates on this program must pay him $2 dollars. Please be HONEST and don't ALTER!

2. Transfer $3 to each of the 2 liberty-reserve account numbers below:

A) U5135525

B) U5740939

3. Now erase the A LB account of 2) from the list, after sending money to it. Thus, the list will go higher. Number B LB account of 2) will become number A on the list. And then, put the number of your liberty-reserve account number into Number B LB account of 2),
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3. If you already have a liberty-reserve account, proceed to the next step. If you don’t have, then, go to liberty-reserve using this li register for free. To fund your liberty-reserve account or change your liberty-reserve money to physical cash, you have to go to an exchanger.
Liberty-Reserve exchangers are available in most countries of the world. You can find exchangers in your country through "GOOGLE SEARCH". When searching with Google, type "Liberty reserve exchangers in your country name e.g., Liberty reserve exchangers in U.S, Canada, South Africa etc.
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