I find kind of usefull info like for me, pretty nice to used ****** for the credit and debit transactions, want to share with you this info

Merchants can now process credit and debitcard transactions using ******™ or ****® Touch over a WiFi or 3Gwireless connection. PowerPay announced this week that it now offers new ****** Virtual Terminal by Inner Fence through its division e-onlinedata. ******Virtual Terminal is the only payment processingterminal available for the ****** and **** Touch.

The ****** Virtual Terminal allows independent contractors, small business merchants and entrepreneurial start-ups to get ****** access to PowerPay's secure payment solutions with no dedicated or fixed processing equipment required. With the ****** Virtual Terminal credit and debit card transactions are processed as “card-not-present” payments. After transaction is complete a receipt is sent via email. All merchants with a PowerPay or e-onlinedata account can access this solution which operates through Authorize.net’s payment gateway.
Stephen Goodrich, CEO of PowerPay, said, “It’s great to offer a solution that works for all kinds of small businesses. This unit frees these businesses from using a fixed countertop terminal or an online connection to process credit card transactions. Using the innovation of the ****** and the coverage of ****** web will significantly increase the ease, efficiency and security of transactions for goods and services, anywhere there is cell coverage or WiFi access. ****** devices are growing in popularity and usefulness. We want to make sure merchants have a payment processing option that is as ****** as they are.”

What are you all thinking about it?