I have 650$+ of LR (i can make printscreen etc.) and arround 220 of MB, i need this exchanged to PayPal ASAP, i have won an auction on EBAY and i need to pay via PayPal, i need arround 750$ of PayPal for my hardware. I don't 1st send to non-reputed members, i can send 1st to reputed members (reputed member means to me, like 5 or more itraders here...)

I don't exchange under 100$ AND scammers don't waste my time.

Add me only on MSN, if you can provide me clean funds (not stolen and must be paypal balance funds, i will check this).

If you are clear with therms we can trade.
I will send you my LR or MB instantly.

ONCE AGAIN, scammers go away!