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    Question Evidence the International Compact was Signed on 7th November?

    I'm not sure - this is very long - but I think this is saying that the International Compact was signed on the 7th November.

    At the meeting of the new partnership with the international community The international community pays tribute to the achievements of the Iraqi government Al-Zubaidi and review the achieve

    Praised the United Nations and a number of ambassadors of the successes of the Iraqi government in political, economic, security and planning through the International Compact between the international community and the government in a critical period in Iraq's history.

    This came during a meeting on the development of a new partnership between Iraq and the international community Held on the seventh of November 2009 in Baghdad.

    At the beginning of the meeting, the Minister of Finance Mr. Ibrahim Gambari Adviser to the Secretary General of the United Nations Ambassadors and heads of the representatives of the diplomatic corps and international organizations. Praising "the continued efforts of Mr. Ibrahim Gambari, Adviser to the Secretary General of the United Nations in the coordination between Iraq and the United Nations for the success of the meetings of the International Covenant. He reviewed the Minister of Finance's most important accomplishments achieved under the International Covenant through mutual commitments between the Iraqi government and the international community and especially what has been achieved in political, security, economic and social terms of the Independent Higher Commission for Elections in Iraq to organize provincial elections that took place in January 31, 2009 in 14 provinces out of (18) excluding the Kurdistan region in addition to the work of the Government to rid Iraq of the provisions of Section VII of the UN resolution and the restoration of full sovereignty of Iraq through the implementation of its relevant resolutions of the Security Council.

    He said "to That since the Conference (Stockholm) has made progress "ongoing" in the reintegration of Iraq in the region and the international expansion of the diplomatic community and the signing of a number of international conventions and agreements of partnership and open attachments. The Minister of Finance had been the passage of legislation to create the Independent High Commission for Human Rights to form human rights commissions in each ministry to exercise their role as well as "the issuance of the Constitutional Review Committee for its third and final In the twenty-seventh of last July with a view to approval by the House of Representatives was replaced Accountability and Justice Law replaced de-Baathification law, which allows the option of retiring to certain levels of members of the Baath Party.

    He stressed the Minister of Finance Government's intention to strengthen and develop the security forces, despite some setbacks Painful as a result of terrorist acts in Iraq during the months of August and October last year. He explained "that the transfer of security responsibilities to the Iraqi government in January 2009 according to the withdrawal of foreign forces agreement between the Governments of Iraq and the United States which led to the withdrawal of coalition forces from Iraqi cities by June last addition to the continued application of the Ministry of Finance Financial Management Information System FMIS.

    The al-Zubaidi to what has been achieved in the area of taxation, where tax revenues amounted to $ 492 million in 2008, an increase of 32% in 2007, as well "for the General Authority for tax preparation of draft new tax laws including the Law on the consolidated income tax, sales tax and use of m.obile phone. Turning the Minister of Finance in his speech what has been achieved in the fight against corruption and the work of several ministries detection of financial and administrative corruption shown by the report of the Integrity Commission for the year 2008 the number of those convicted in corruption cases since 2004 and until the year 2008 amounted to (397) Add to the (2772) of the defendants, who pardoned them in 2008.

    Expressed "the intention of the Government of Iraq of developing free market economy by strengthening the foundations of economic growth to maintain a stable environment for the economy and addressing the Minister of Finance the most essential economic reforms implemented by the Government working closely with international bodies like the International Monetary Fund and World Bank to improve financial systems and expressed "the intention of the Iraqi government the signing of a new convention SBA Before the end of this year as well as" on the development of financial management software PFM Support from the World Bank and the international community as the government seeks to develop a roadmap for reform of the ration card system, and reforming the social protection, including the families most in need as well as "the completion of international scrutiny of a bank account Rivers and rational state-owned plan was developed for them with the support of the World Bank to re-Hiclethma. He explained that the minister has been initiated electronic funds transfer "between the Ministry of Finance and the Iraqi Central Bank, commercial banks and link state-owned banks with private banks and the CBI and the Ministry of Finance through the settlement system Real-time gross RTGS.

    HH mentioned in his speech to the Government's commitment towards the private sector to develop and have a bigger role in the development and amendment of the investment law allowing foreign investors to own for investment purposes.

    He explained "the terms of the arrangements made by the government support SBA International Monetary Fund for Iraq and the entire 80% to reduce Iraq's foreign debt according to the "Paris Club agreement signed bilateral agreements with a large number of creditor nations to reduce their debt to Iraq and resolving the majority of the commercial private sector debt and foreign government is still pursuing this debt reduction with the other remaining.

    HE added what has been achieved between the Ministries of Municipalities and Public Works, Housing and Construction Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs.

    And presentation of the Minister of Finance re-thoughts on the International Covenant and the new type of partnership with the community. Delivered by Mr. Ibrahim Gambari, the representative of the Secretary-General of the United Nations and I applaud the successes and security policy, planning and good governance, saying that "it was time for change to reflect the current political environment at the level of national planning and formulation of a set of visions that indicate the correct all of the security and political environments, and add that the social and economic challenges are not still exist and the international community is committed to working with the Iraqi government to achieve the Millennium Development Goals in the main areas of focus, stressing "the commitment of the United Nations with the Iraqi government to maintain the spirit of the International Covenant in this partnership.

    Explaining "that the decisions on the framework of international support for Iraq's future government and society in the broader context of the overall principles of the Paris and management strategies of aid to Iraq at the same time encouraging the Iraqi government to prepare the next administration based on" the experience over the past four years.

    And Mr. Campari that the role of the United Nations become the Co-Chair to the post of technical advisory support in line with the leadership of the Iraqi government explained "to the World Bank and International Monetary Fund, as necessary, noting" that the Meeting of the company's new annual that can serve many areas.

    At the end of the meeting participants issued a final statement, which included that the International Compact with Iraq was an important tool for international support to the people of Iraq in the phase of political transition and economic reconstruction.

    They also considered that the success of the International Compact with Iraq and recent developments in the situation in Iraq which was characterized by the strengthening of sovereignty and stability, relations with the international community called for "a new cooperation framework between Iraq and its partners and will be directing the new company to promote the process of development and the full normalization of the international situation in Iraq and it will be based full Iraqi ownership and strategic planning and national sustainable and more integrated "under the government of Iraq and international support more effective national response established by the Government of Iraq.

    They also agreed that these new companies will focus on the progress made by Iraq during the past years and to the fields of the success of the International Compact with Iraq in terms of haste to strengthen the peace and security of Iraq and to promote cooperation and regional and international integration and prosperity for the people of Iraq and with Iraq further towards the next stage is the national plan of development, including the requirements and needs international support should be put in place appropriate mechanisms to support the progress made on the basis of shared commitment.

    The representatives of the international community expressed their willingness to support the Government of Iraq in achieving its priorities and in particular those relating to the National Development Plan and other appropriate strategies, policies and frameworks of cooperation.

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