The report of the Security Council, Ban Ki-moon on Iraq in preparation for the lifting of sanctions

A Western diplomat on the success of diplomacy to persuade Iraq's large number of members of the Security Council, particularly the permanent members, that Baghdad was committed to the implementation of most of the sanctions imposed on it in accordance with Section VII of the Charter of the United Nations, because of the former regime's invasion of Kuwait.

Although the movement of non-Kuwaiti officials justified to prevent the exodus of money from Iraq, Section VII, but the diplomat, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said the council will cancel a number of resolutions, without revealing whether the file relating to Kuwait or other issues, he said adding there will be a write-off to two or more.

The official Kuwaiti news agency revealed last week as adviser to the movement in the Kuwaiti Amiri Diwan Mohammad Abdullah Abul-Hassan to the members of the Security Council to prevent the lifting of international sanctions on Iraq, which is unacceptable, several deputies, asking to pay compensation to Kuwait due to Iraq's past policies and the confiscation of tens of kilometers from the territory of the country.

He expected the decision of the diplomatic weight of this June, will remain in Iraq under Chapter VII, but the bases and new mechanisms to enable then to get rid once and for all of these sanctions, noting that there are good American, British and Turkish to pay towards the reconstruction of Iraq to the role of regional and global levels.