Kurdistan region of Iraq begins exporting oil today for the first time

The Government of the Kurdistan region of Iraq on Monday, the export of one hundred thousand barrels of crude oil for the first time, according to officials in the fields of Taq Taq and Tauki.

Mohamed said Okutan project manager "never never", which is supervised by the company, "Energy" Turkish "The pump will start tomorrow from the Taq Taq oilfields," the rate of forty thousand barrels / day. "

He said, "will be pumping through the pipeline length of nine kilometers to the truck loading station, a capacity of eighty thousand tanks barrel."

He noted that "there is good access to the pumping rate of sixty thousand barrels / day the end of this year."

It is hoped to reach 120 thousand barrels / day, after two years.

And the quality of the oil Okutan said, "The quality of crude oil of excellent and free of water," he said "contains oil extracted gas used for power generation in the field of oil and there is no commercial quantities of it."

In turn, said Director Norman Mangou Norwegian company operating in the field Tauki in the Dohuk governorate would be to start the export of fifty thousand barrels a day from the field Tauki Monday.

"The field contains 14 wells, but not all tied to lines of production and export," adding that "the oil market by pipeline to the pumping station Fishkhabour (near the Iraqi-Turkish border) and meet the guidelines coming from Kirkuk to Turkey."

The Ministry of natural resources in the Kurdistan region of Iraq announced earlier this month to begin the export of one hundred thousand barrels of crude oil in June that the company is marketing "SOMO" of the central government and "the deposit of proceeds in the calculation of the Federal Government."