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Thread: spam

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    Default spam

    Sell Cvv, Paypal , Bank Login , Wu Transfer ……………

    Ccv US is 2 $ per ccv (Visa+Master)
    Ccv US is 5 $ per ccv (Amex + Discover)
    Ccv UK is 4 $ per ccv (Visa + Master)
    Ccv UK is 5 $ per ccv (Amex + Discover)
    Ccv Ca is 6 $ per ccv (Visa+ Master)
    Ccv Ca is 9 $ per ccv (Visa Business + Visa Gold)
    Ccv EU is 6 $ per ccv (Visa + Master)
    Ccv EU is 7 $ per ccv (Amex + Discover)
    Ccv Au is 6 $ per ccv
    Ccv Italy is 15 $ per ccv
    Ccv Germany is 10$ Per Ccv
    Ccv DOB with US is 13 $ per ccv
    Ccv DOB with UK is 14 $ per ccv
    Ccv DOB + BIN with UK 20$ per ccv
    Ccv Asia is 14 $ per ccv
    Ccv US full info is 30 $ per ccv
    Ccv UK full info is 40 $ per ccv
    Paypal with pass email = 18.5$/paypal
    Paypal don't have pass email = 8.5$/Paypal
    Sell Bank login , Do Wu Transfer………

    Payment by xxxxxxxxx
    Yahoo ID :xxxxxxxxxx
    E-mail: xxxxxxxxxxx

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    To those concerned with this illegal trade

    This thread will be locked by the Admins after accessibility & monitoring has taken place by Authorities for approx. 3 months. Detail infos here like ISPs, IP and Hosts Servers, your email addys and all other given contacts will be accessible for Legal Authorities {FBI, Scotland Yard, Interpol} in search & hunt for online Frauds, thieves /traders and those so called "innocent" & unfortunate buyers involved.

    You have been warned before being permanently banned as well!!!

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