The Secretary-General of the Council of Minister Ali Alaak that Iraq is in the process of creating great opportunities for the advancement and broad economic sector by attracting capital and investment in the country.

Alaak said in a speech opening the draft electronic trading in the Iraqi market for securities that the policy of the current state of the economy involves the parameters of a new market place at the site of integration with the economic institutions that the Iraqi economy is now on the market economy, which is an important element of the development process economic development.

Alaak pointed out that this step comes in line with the government's focus on the advancement of the Iraqi economy through the support of the private sector to be able to take the leading role in advancing the economic process, saying that the Iraqi market for securities is an important link to work and focus on attracting investments and the funds used for operations construction and reconstruction through the establishment of joint ventures with the private sector and provide the appropriate atmosphere in the building of fruitful economic activities contribute to supporting and strengthening the Iraqi economy.

For his part, Mr. Abdul-Razzaq al-Saadi, head of stock thanks to the support of government efforts to promote the securities sector, adding that the work on this project has continued for a period of three years, the efforts of the Board of Commissioners in the Iraqi market for securities and technical and administrative personnel, noting that the securities are drafting a new law aimed at the advancement of this sector and to strengthen the relationship between the government and the private sector.