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    Default The Start of Electronic Trading in the ISX


    Home of a declaration on the Iraqi market for securities

    To / investors in the market, gentlemen of the Iraq Stock Exchange

    C / the start of electronic trading

    Facilitated the management of the Iraq market for securities to be announced to you and all Iraqis that the market in connection with the implementation of the measures set out below for the purpose of direct electronic trading sessions ended after all tests and tests that reinforce the power of electronic systems and raise the capabilities of the:

    1. Was to select the companies listed below to be the first companies to be deposited by the Register of Shareholders at the center of the Iraqi deposit agreement was signed contracts with them to facilitate the transfer and download these records on 2/22/2009 and will be the last trading session of the shares of these companies:

    A. Investment Bank of Iraq.

    B. Iraqi Islamic Bank.

    Fri. UNESCO's International Bank.

    D. Bank Al-Mansour.

    E. Al-Mansour Hotel.

    Companies will be accepted and other contributors for download on the market of electronic systems for the purpose of the transfer sequence

    All companies to electronic trading.

    2nd We invite you to review the brokerage firms that you deal with the items needed to complete the deposit at the center of Iraq, which is in the following as of 7/3/2009:

    A. Fill in the form of opening the account for the investor.

    B. Fill in the form of opening the trading account with a broker.

    Fri. Fill out the form on the deposit of shares in the depository center attached to the following archives:

    First: a certificate (or certificates of shares) owned by the contributor.

    Second: a color picture of the testimony of Iraqi nationality to the Iraqis and the image color passport for non-Iraqis.

    Third: a color picture of the identity of the civil case.

    Would prefer to see the latest developments and we will very soon ... With appreciation

    Taha Ahmed Abdul Salam

    Director Commissioner

    A copy of: 5/2/2009

    - Securities brokerage firms in which to work with appreciation.

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    More confirmation.

    No Link.

    'go live [date] will be determined within days and this will be announced within the next week'

    Meaning 'go live' will be after March 7th.

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