Express our disappointment at the insistence of a number of parliamentary blocs to move forward to the signing of the Treaty and the Strategic Security Agreement with the United States without taking into consideration the views of national sincere presented to them, did not comply with all conditions set by the religious authority in Najaf for signature, namely:

First - subject to Iraqi sovereignty and compromised the interests of generations. They have included serious violations of the Convention in terms of rule bases and immunity of foreign troops and the Iraqi jurisdiction over crimes committed on its territory and its people, and searched outside and inside the foreign forces and control over Iraqi airspace, including the authorization to carry out the necessary self-defense, a title that could Rubber Justify a lot of crimes. ven brings us to the problems with neighboring countries to strike deep under this heading.

II - achieved national consensus, which has not been achieved in the vote approved only as more than half of the members of parliament, just the majority do not achieve national consensus in such crucial issues that are mortgaging the future generations, and I would like to correct the meaning of national consensus, it is not enough Achieved a number of large blocs which is affiliated to the main components of Iraqi people, but to be meaningful to achieve national consensus that this consensus is based on the higher national interests and not to transactions mutual interests and party factional. Kasi was found Much to the consensus built on such deals before the vote.

III - transparency, has been absent from the course of negotiations did not know where members of parliament as well as the text of the Convention only days before the vote and informed that the final text can not change, and has hidden the English version, which he said, U.S. experts complete paragraphs important part of the Convention Content.

IV - to create objective conditions and political climates appropriate to engage in such complex negotiations with a major such as the United States, that have a political process based on a solid popular base and a large Iraqi negotiator in a strong position to include in the agreement is consistent with its interests, but what happened That the days that preceded the vote on the Convention have fragmented and dispersed among the parties to the political process peaked, and reached mutual accusations between the ruling parties to major crimes such as making party offices to the headquarters of murder, torture and violation of the Constitution and fighting government forces and militias and the formation of dictatorship and spending public funds for campaigning and went to the coup threat Constitutional institutions and divided itself as the Ditching to between the Presidency of the Republic, the prime minister.

The other party took advantage of these divisions to the version that aims to close the door and want the amendment and ask them to ratify or threat of doom and gloom.

Some have insisted on signing the agreement not convinced and are keen to hold on to gain obtained by the citizen and could not convince the positive aspects only the issue of scheduling the withdrawal, which, as everyone knows, U.S. demand before the Iraqis have been granted a period of the Convention (36) a month longer than promised The new American President, in addition to the fact that this period not bound to them because their political and military leaders stated that the withdrawal depends on the situation on the ground.

However, some people tried to blending marketing of securities and to conceal the facts and conducted amendments putting the wool over the eyes Ketbdel name of the Convention (security) to (Convention on the withdrawal) is not withdrawal but redeployment and transformation of military occupation appears to be master of its own matters, even if a real The Convention and the need to withdraw it was unconditionally only required for the logistical process could then withdraw after a national government free to sign any agreement take into account the interests of the two countries.

It is in the process of marketing Hol countless political blocs between two options: The signing of the agreement or extension of occupation, no one honest occupation would accept the existence of binding the first option.

But this fixed thing they did narrow the time and lose Ovhemenahm The third option is the presence of correct political process and achieve a true partnership political blocs to stand united and one behind the religious authority and the people all the other party to say with one voice that our demands and our conditions and this will have no other party appeared to comply. But they did not listen to this advice and went alone Fastdafhm other.

Politicians should remember that they did not Itboowa these sites, however, support the religious authority and not elected by the people in person but gave voice to the cause of Aitmanhm If it did not meet the reference and the people, they are losing legitimacy, and wait for the next election were elected by the people of their names.

Our word that this led to both positive result or did not they make the certificate before God Almighty bless our people and to decent and before history. he opportunity could well aware of the political blocs to correct the march demanding with one voice to amend the Convention in line with the higher national interests.