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    Default The End of Today's Economic Systems

    You may not care much for these folks but read this.

    Subject: Fw: : Archived 28 year old Awake Article... A must read

    The End of Today's Economic Systems

    > Material From January 22, 1980 - Awake
    > Copied from WT Library CD, Article title: The End of Today's Economic Systems
    > (read it carefully. This was over 28 years ago)
    > The End of Today's Economic Systems
    > IF YOU designed a machine and it did not work well, what would you do?
    You would likely try one modification after another to see if it would
    work better. But what if you found that after each repair it got worse?
    Would it not be time to consider that the machine itself was
    unsatisfactory, and that a different kind was needed?
    > Today's economic systems are not working for the good of all mankind.
    There are enormous injustices in them. Hardworking people see their
    money eaten away by inflation. Hundreds of millions live in poverty.
    Other hundreds of millions do not even have the necessities of life. The
    New York Times reported of some lands: 'For many poor people the price
    of a single meal now exceeds a day's income,' which is a striking
    fulfillment of the Bible prophecy, 'A whole day's wage for a loaf of
    bread.'-Rev. 6:6, Weymouth, Fifth edition.
    > Really, today's economic and money systems cannot bring the peace,
    security and prosperity mankind so desires. Selfishness, greed, pride
    and a heartless lack of concern for others are built into them.
    > What does all of this mean? Why the worldwide inflation, as well as
    food shortages, wars and other unprecedented troubles since 1914?
    > All these things are a sign of the times. They are conditions that
    were foretold to be a part of the 'last days' of the present system of
    things. And included in the foretold conditions is that people would be
    'lovers of themselves, lovers of money, . . . without self-control, . .
    . lovers of pleasures rather than lovers of God.' All these things are
    part of today's political, economic, social and religious systems.-2
    Tim. 3:1-5.
    > Hence, today's money instability and hard economic times for so many
    are part of the evidence that this system of things is rushing toward
    its finish, as Jesus himself foretold. (Matt. 24:3-14) Any patchwork
    improvements to try to keep today's economic systems going will be very
    short-lived. No repair can undo the selfishness, greed and injustice
    that are built into them.
    > So what all these things really mean is that this present
    unsatisfactory system is moving toward its greatest crash ever, but by
    divine action, not human failure. As Jesus put it: 'For then there will
    be great tribulation such as has not occurred since the world's
    beginning until now, no, nor will occur again.'-Matt. 24:21.
    > Comfortingly, though, God's prophetic Word promises that this time of
    coming trouble will be followed by 'a new earth' in which 'righteousness
    is to dwell.' (2 Pet. 3:13) That 'new earth' means a new human society,
    which will include a new economic system, one that will work for the
    good of every person. The promise is: 'The LORD Almighty will prepare a
    banquet for all the nations of the world-a banquet of the richest food
    and the finest wine. Here he will suddenly remove the cloud of sorrow
    that has been hanging over all the nations.'-Isa. 25:6-8, Good News
    > 'In order to clear up the present economic problems everything must be
    set back to zero'
    > What will soon happen, then, is similar to what a Japanese businessman
    answered when asked about a solution to today's economic turmoil. He
    remarked: 'In order to clear up the present economic problems everything
    must be set back to zero.' He rightly saw the hopelessness of ever
    repairing the system. And God's Word agrees: it is too far gone. Hence,
    it will not be repaired, but will be demolished.
    > The possibility of today's economic systems crashing has been a more
    frequent topic of discussion among economists lately. For instance,
    American financial commentator Sylvia Porter spoke of the real
    possibility of an 'inflationary blowoff in this nation and the world,
    destroying the confidence in any investment in 'paper' [money], and so

    undermining the functioning of our international monetary system that
    trade among nations would grind to a near standstill.' The columnist
    > 'The blowout would then ripple out to cause a rash of bankruptcies
    among businesses, a collapse of the dangerously swollen credit bubble,
    an upsurge in unemployment, foreclosures of vastly overextended mortgage
    credit, and repossessions of goods bought on installment loans the
    debtors could not repay.

    > 'The scenario becomes more scary even as I write it.'
    > 'Nations cannot go on borrowing to improve living standards'
    > Political commentator Jack Anderson similarly commented on the shaky
    money situation, stating:
    > 'Nations cannot go on borrowing to improve living standards. The money
    can never be paid back unless it is invested in production instead of
    consumption. For many countries, the debt is already greater than they
    can absorb without a financial breakdown. . . .
    > 'Skyrocketing prices keep adding to the bad debts until the whole
    banking system is threatened with collapse.'
    > The American Institute for Economic Research makes the following
    > 'During the next several years, the following economic developments
    seem highly probable:
    > 'A severe and prolonged worldwide depression. . . .
    > 'During a prolonged depression, social disorder might well become
    extreme. . . .
    > 'Any person or family who appears to be substantially better off than
    those who are most adversely affected may become the target for mob
    > When people rob, rape, mug and murder in such increasing numbers now,
    in a time of relative peace and prosperity, they would do much worse if
    a breakdown occurred. An evidence of this is what happened during the
    blackout in New York city in 1977. In certain areas anarchy prevailed.
    Looting, vandalism and robberies were epidemic. The police admitted that
    they were helpless.
    > Similarly, in an African country, a one third increase in the price of
    rice sparked rioting and looting in the capital city. The streets looked
    as if a war had just been fought. Martial law was declared and a strict
    curfew imposed.
    > 'Into the streets they will throw their very silver, and an abhorrent
    thing their own gold will become'
    > Concerning what lies ahead for the entire world, the Bible speaks of a
    'great tribulation such as has not occurred since the world's beginning
    until now, no, nor will occur again.' During that time, paper money will
    be worthless. Why, Bible prophecy even says: 'Into the streets they will
    throw their very silver, and an abhorrent thing their own gold will
    become. Neither their silver nor their gold will be able to deliver them
    in the day of Jehovah's fury.'-Ezek. 7:19.
    > No human leader, nor any form of human government, will be able to
    forestall the coming 'great tribulation,' since it is God's judgment
    against this present wicked system. That is why his Word warns: 'Do not
    put your trust in nobles, nor in the son of earthling man, to whom no
    salvation belongs.' (Ps. 146:3) What, then, is the right course to take?
    The Bible answers: 'Trust in Jehovah with all your heart and do not lean
    upon your own understanding.'-Prov. 3:5.

    > Those who trust in Jehovah now he promises to help even in an economic
    way. No, God will not provide his servants with luxuries, but he has
    promised them the necessities of life. (Matt. 6:24-34; Ps. 37:25) Nor
    does this mean that those who trust God will have an easy time in life,
    since they too are affected by bad conditions in the world. But they
    will certainly have more success than others do in coping with today's
    troublesome times.
    > In addition, such ones will have the assurance of God's protection
    during the coming crash, and of surviving into a righteous new system.
    (1 John 2:15-17; Ps. 37:27, 34, 37) That is why a family in Brazil who
    learned to trust Jehovah states: 'Although beset by economic problems,
    we are a happy family because we know Jehovah, the happy God, and we
    know his purposes.'
    > 'Raise yourselves erect and lift your heads up, because your
    deliverance is getting near'
    > So, regardless of how severe the money squeeze becomes, there is the
    sure hope of the best of times directly ahead in God's new order. Hence,
    persons who have the right hope based on accurate knowledge, and who
    trust in God and not in material wealth, can 'raise themselves erect,
    and lift their heads up, because their deliverance is getting
    near.'-Luke 21:2

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    You are very knowledgeable about current events &
    what must occur in the 'final part of the days'. ( Micah 4:1 )

    Very insightful.

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