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    Default Invest $90 and Receieve $200 in 10 days only

    This Is NOT HYIP, but a Real Trading Program.


    Take a real good look at it! New due diligence information has revealed that Point Share Gold is a real trading and investment program. Not some B.S. HYIP, but a genuine program yielding the same financial benefits.

    Important: Use "YMPOINT" as your referring coupon code to get a 10% discount on your spend.

    Program benefits:

    Instantly Receive $200 when your plan matures after 10 days OR...

    Refer at least three (3) to purchase PointShare Gold 100 and you'll receive $200 and your Plan matures immediately **All pay-outs automatically credited to your accounts daily!

    Once your plan matures, you will receive $350 into your e-Gold or e-Bullion or Safe Pay Accounts monthly for 12 consecutive months (this will come when the matrix system is set up and ready to go. You will also receive a sales spot (we will post any downloadable product you want us to sell for you. 80:20 profit sharing)

    10,000 banner impressions of a program you want advertised through PointShare Gold

    Receive a Referral Coupon that allows you to earn 10% from your referrals using the coupon. Your referrals will also receive a $10 discount.

    Join Point Share Gold TODAY and purchase with the YMPOINT coupon to receive 10% discount. Just submit the word YMPOINT when you check-out and you'll get $10 off your $100 purchase and still receive the same benefits mentioned above.

    There are NO replicating websites with this program. This is done offline to save the program from getting hacked and to keep it PRIVATE.

    You will receive your coupon within 24 hours of your purchase so that you will have 10 days of giving out your $10 off coupon to your prospects and receive $10 per referal.

    It really doesn't matter when you come in or purchase your first share, you will be paid WITHIN 10 DAYS (even sooner if you can refer 3). However, referring is NOT a requirement to get paid. You can remain passive and still pick up the cash

    Henry James, OWNER
    Admin, PointShare Gold
    PointShare Gold Technologies
    PointShare Funds Department

    303 Twin Dolphin Drive
    Redwood City
    California 94065
    Tel: 1(636)246-9810

    A Message from Admin of PointShareGold

    Posted: Fri Feb 24, 2006 3:22 am Post subject: Welcome to PointShare Gold


    Hi Everyone!

    Let me take this time to welcome each and every member of the PointShare Gold forum while my staff here in the Philippines works on the site upgrades and script corrections on the payment. I apologize for not being able to post messages in the forum as regularly as I am able to respond to your email inquiries, do pay-outs and monitor daily tradings and investments.

    First thing, about me: I have worked as a computer science professor, software engineer, network administrator, consultant and is currently the President and CEO of Compumatrix and Networks Interactive, Inc. Our company focuses on software and web development, and Business Process Outsourcing. We promote full-time telework or telecommuting. PointShare was initially an extension program of our Finance Department with an aim to increase revenues by trading and making use of our non-performing funds. During the process, we've discovered that there are several markets on the Internet and in the real world that are feasible and can be used as a way to help more people live financially free. And so we have developed the PointShare Funds program to see how a portion of your contribution together with our operating capital would be able to double your contribution in 10 days and generate monthly fixed income. And it did work, more than we've expected. Then we made to continue the PointShare Funds legacy.

    With PointShareGold, we have removed the burden from you in investing in high-risk internet programs which may collapse in time. We did not give you any back-end access as that would be our responsibility. All you have to do is wait for your pay-out and commissions.

    Location of Compumatrix in the Philippines

    Contact Us Compumatrix and Networks Interactive

    San Fernando City
    La Union

    [email protected]


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