Hi guys,

for all those who love lotto I have a tidbit here.

For only 5 pounds per week you can play in the EuroMillions lottery each week in a syndicate. For winning the jackpot you need 5 numbers plus 2 star numbers when playing alone. In the syndicate all combinations from those 2 star numbers are automatically covered with your contribution so the syndicate only needs the 5 main numbers. (instead of 7 numbers total) You see the odds are drastically improved with this method, namely by 3,600%. The last jackpot was over $200,000,000!! This is quite "normal" for a EuroMillions jackpot to rise.

Additionally you can choose to play the two weekly UK national lottery draws for an additional 5 pounds per week, increasing the chance by 702% as the syndicate only needs 5 instead of 6 numbers!

Moreover if you like you can refer other people and build a healthy second income or just refer 5 people and you play for free! People worldwide can join and play both lotteries.

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Good luck! ;-)