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    Default Bizz Buzz & The Country Club

    BizBuzz has everyone BUZZING! Generate HUGE incomes! Join

    BizBuzz pays generous commissions for your efforts. Plus we can enroll you
    into the "Country Club," a company that is on the cutting edge of the online
    sports gaming industry, absolutely free. This exciting program has the
    potential to pay in multiple ways, several times each day, using our
    flawless matrix structure that builds from bottom up and top down at the
    same time. Sponsor three and it's free. Sponsor more for precious ore!!

    The BizBuzz marketing solution can generate huge incomes without having to
    recruit or maintain a down line. Use our system to sponsor three personals
    into BizBuzz and then let us do all the work for you. SPONSOR THREE AND IT'S

    That's right! We will assist you in signing up individuals into amazingly
    profitable income opportunities that won't conflict with any program you may
    be working. Join Today at:
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    I will agree with you Goman! This is the best business opportunity on the net! I am so blessed to have found it. Which team are you on?


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    Wink The only program you need

    Bizbuzz and the Country Club is without a dought the best program going. This is no hype. It just makes since. You have multiple streams of income. And state of the art Tools to help you market on the Internet. Your upline helps each member below them with spillover in a true forced Matrix. The Rollover program begains with $99.00 and rolls up to $218,700.00 now thats incredable. It has already been done.

    We all need this. I know you are waiting for PIPS to come back. So am I, but I needed something else right now. If you feel the same way, take a look at what we are doing.

    Don't be skeptical and broke.


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    Just bumping,look you won't regret it.

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    bumping up.

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    bumping up

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    Default Week Ending 3-19th Update

    The Latest News
    Huge Week03-17-2006


    It has been a huge week for BizBuzz.

    Thank you everyone for your support.

    Here are some important updates:

    1) Global Merchant Account - Completed

    2) Global Payment Wallet Account - Wallet accounts are up. Commission payments and bonuses will be completely paid by March 20. There are still some errors reported by the system which will be resolved by March 20. Already there has been over $500,000 paid in commissions!!

    3) BizBuzz Bonuses, allowing members to take a position in The Country Club Biz Rollup Matrix, are being paid with the commissions. The links allowing you to sign up for your positions will be available in your back office on March 21 or 22.

    4) More exciting tools will be added to your member back office on March 20 or 21. You will not believe what you see!!!

    We want to thank all of our top leaders for all their efforts.

    There will be a special conference call this coming Sunday, March 19 at 9:00 PM EST on our regular conference line. This conference call will cover BizBuzz, The Country Club and have some special training.

    Next week for us will be even bigger for all of our members, stay tuned for more news!!!

    BizBuzz Support

    Have a great one!


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    Default BizBizz Update-- A Must Read

    This was copied from the BK Forum. It clears up a few things.

    In response to some doubters over at the MMG board
    I posted this reply...As many viewers as we have at
    this forum as well....I thought it important to post it
    here too. It saddens me to see those who joined
    back in Dec and Jan go inactive because they have not
    seen the movement they expected in their downline.
    What most of them DO NOT realize is that the timeline
    for everything has shifted and it seems sometimes like
    we are never going to get off the ground. I'm here to
    tell you will BE GLAD they delayed the
    launch when you see the way they have enhanced this
    biz for all members (not just those at the top). The old
    plan was geared for leaders, the new plan is geared for
    everyone who GETS AND STAYS INVOLVED. If you only
    joined to hold a position and are not actively involved with
    your other team members then you are wholeheartedly
    missing out.

    This serves as a reminder that the goal is still set and
    this train is about to leave the station but with a much
    better well equipped ENGINE!

    Are you on board and ready to take off? Or will you be
    one of the ones chasing down the caboose watching the
    members waving at you from the back of the choo choo?

    Everyone on this train NOW is a founding member and
    in the perfect place for success. Oh the train WILL come
    back around again...but it will be standing room only
    when it does...why not reserve your seat now and be
    part of the celebration when we come back around a second
    time to pick up those who didn't get on the first time??

    Food For Thought

    There are alot of unknowns at this juncture in the game
    but one thing everyone should be focused on is the one
    goal mentioned of getting your 3. Things seem to
    be slow going right now and the movement is not really
    there but why is that??

    As mentioned on every call, Mark is holding back the top
    marketers from blasting this out to the masses and Mark
    has not even begun to tap into his own database because
    he and BizBuzz crew want to ensure those of us who have
    been in and painfully endured all the stops and starts since
    early december have been paid in Bizbuzz AND have received
    our extra positions awarded in TCC.

    Once that happens; then the stage will be set for the rest
    of the world to be told the BizBuzz TCC story. The members
    coming in now ARE NOT from MASS MARKETING. They are
    from excited members and leaders trying to help create the
    foundation for their own teams and be in place when the
    MASS marketing begins. Those of us who have been in from
    the beginning have been hearing all along about these top
    networkers coming in who are going to help fill in the holes in
    the downlines and plummet us all to the commissions we have
    been waiting for.
    Well, gang....
    that HASN'T happened yet but Mark explains why on every call.
    He is in constant contact with these big networkers who own their
    own companies and tens of thousands of members to go with them
    and they are biting at the lip to start promoting. He will not let them
    until the founding members have been fully paid and are in place to
    reap the benefits we have all been waiting for for so long.

    So NOW is the time to get educated, get prepared and get excited
    about what is to come. You who are here now are the pioneers and
    the founding members of a biz that is going to change the way the
    MLM industry operates. BE proud of that! Tell everyone you know
    and get your team positioned BEFORE the big event on April 01!

    See ya'll at the top

    Team Leader

    Have a great week!!

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    Teachermom, I am in under the founder of WTIA. You are right this is the best thing |I have ever seen or been involved with. If you haven't listened to the latest call you need to listen it will blow you away, here is the link.

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    Wow! It looks as if the switch is about to be flipped. Here is a copy of the email that I just received from my upline sponsor. It is long but well worth the read I think.

    Have a great week!


    Hi everyone! You are receiving this email because you are in my
    downline with TCC and are quite possibly on the verge of what we have
    all been waiting for with this business and it's sister business,

    I do not have contact information for everyone in my downline, so
    please, log into your back offices and forward this information to
    everyone that is under you! This information is extremely urgent, as
    this weekend there are so many things happening that you need to be
    aware of.

    First and foremost, if you have not been keeping up with the business
    please start now! This business is about to explode and we are in a
    position to be making a lot of money very soon. You can keep up with
    things by going here on a daily basis:
    This is our team forum and it is where you can get first hand
    information daily on all that is happening.

    Next, I will copy and paste a post which came in today from Sheri
    Bonay, our awesome leader in this business. After reading all of the
    information, please email me back if you have any questions at all,
    and most importantly, forward this eamil to everyone in your

    ************************************************** ********************
    (Sherigirl's post)

    I haven't had time to give a full summary of everything
    that has happened cause my phone has been ringing off the
    wall with members who have completely forgotten about this
    biz and now want me to update them to everything that has
    happened the past 3 months....

    So I pulled from some summaries our other awesome
    leaders put together on their team forums and will post that
    collection here:

    Thanks Blaine, & Wayne:

    From Wayne's World courtesy of Ally (thanks Wayne & Ally)

    From Blaine's Forum (thanks Blaine!)

    Notice Blaine's team's strategy for ensuring they are
    qualified with their 3. If you can afford it and are short
    on time but not $$$; I say go for it. It gets your foot in
    the door for the Diamond Eagle.

    Details here:

    Combined Updated Summary (cut and paste mode)
    ************************************************** *

    Hello You Awesome Team Members,

    As they say time waits for no-one .. and we all know that
    life itself places so many demands on each and every one
    of us. But please, whatever else you have going in your life,
    spare 30 minutes of your time to listen to this latest Bizbuzz

    We're just one day away from the BizBuzz bonus positions
    being offered and the start of our massive launch! Now is the
    time to kick up the urgency and get at least three personal
    enrollments before we launch. You won't get this time back
    again, use it!

    Features Already in Place:

    Commission Break Down;
    Now in your Bizbuzz Back Office. Please check that all Accounts are
    accurate. If you find discrepancies; email [email protected]. All
    accounts should be paid out by Friday. Speedywallet pays out on
    Fridays presently. This will change once the platform is created for
    BizBuzz to integrate and be able to pay out daily.

    There are 5500 + earned positions from Bizbuzz right now. This
    number is growing at the rate of 10-30 a day.

    These earned positions have been created as a result of all the
    people who Upgraded in Bizbuzz and reached The Gold level.
    People who reached the Gold Level will still be given the choice
    of taking a 2nd position in The Country Club or an additional $99.
    Although most people will elect to have their 2nd position in The
    Country Club the choice has to be there for legal reasons.

    If 5500 people chose to take the earned bonuses these new
    positions will fall from top to bottom left to right in Mark's

    Mark has also decided to bring these newly created positions in
    now .. BEFORE the compression takes place because this will pay
    quite a few more people faster than if they didn't award them
    before the compression.

    The Country Club Pro Website:
    Almost finished .. complete with a replicated new infomercial that
    you will be able to customize.

    Order of Activity in the Coming Week:

    Friday: 31 March 2006
    1. As soon as Speedy Wallet is in place and the remaining accounts
    have been paid out correctly; BizBuzz will send out an email with a
    banner (link) and instructions for either obtaining your bonus TCC
    positions or cashing out and keeping the $$ instead.

    Positions will be granted in the order of when we joined and
    per a time stamping process.

    Friday - Monday 31 Mar -
    03 Apr 0900 am Central Time:

    We have until Monday at 9AM CENTRAL TIME to take our bonus
    positions before they "flip the switch," enabling the positions to be
    placed and those who've qualified for the Diamond Eagle Club to
    be compressed.

    It is VERY important for you to know your TCC sponsor's Distributor
    ID. When you take your bonus position, this is the Distributor ID you
    want to use. There is a search system in place that will assist you
    this, but there will be some situations where the search will not
    you with a Distributor ID or give you the correct one (i.e. has a BB
    account but not a TCC account, and a few other reasons). Get in
    contact with your sponsor ASAP to ensure you have the correct Dist ID
    you enrolled under.

    Monday 03 April after 9am Central Time
    Bonus Positions Are In Place in the Mark Petchel Country Club Biz

    Those Qualifying at the highest level from in TCC will be given the
    green light to go into the Double Eagle Club by order of

    If you have at least $2700 in sales volume in your organization
    and have personally sponsored 3 then you will be given the green
    light when it is your turn to enter the Diamond Eagle Club.

    Once every one presently qualified is in place:

    The 60 day Promotion Kicks Off/
    Mass Marketing Begins:
    The now 17 Top Networkers of Bizbuzz will be given the green light
    to start their mass marketing on April 3. One of whom has a track
    record of placing 75,000 people into a program in a couple of months.
    This is the goal that Bizbuzz is striving for and the bare minimum of
    Ups expected in April is 5000. Mark hopes to be on 40 million
    this summer and believes that there will be more than a million
    in Bizbuzz by the end of the year.

    This activity will benefit everyone who is already in County Club Biz
    but Mark has also emphatically stated that he cannot promise everyone
    218K. But he always poses the question “What if you can only make
    $25,960 in your first 6 months? Will that be so bad?”

    He painted a picture, where if EVERYONE in the present County Club
    Biz matrix had their 3 personal referrals and helped those 3 find
    3 .. then ALL the spillover would be continually falling down to the
    people which would help everyone in the matrix. Now that it will be
    obligatory to have 3 personal referrals to enter the Diamond Eagle
    this will be possible.

    It is also very important to understand that the Diamond Eagle Bonus
    program is driven by the entire company .. a coming together of a
    complete team.

    Only SILVERS and ABOVE will benefit from the MASS MARKETING
    taking place as ONLY SILVERS AND ABOVE will have their BIZBUZZ
    Replicated Sites Rotated on the Main BizBuzz Site to obtain Company
    Assisted Sign-ups! UPGRADE TODAY!!! Bronze Bizbuzz Members are
    Free Members who will be provided Tools to market on their own but
    will NOT benefit from Company Assisted Sign Ups

    New enhancement to the
    Diamond Eagle Club

    "During a pre-determined promotional period, TCC members will
    be eligible to enter the Diamond Eagle Club once they have filled
    level 3 (27 members)!
    This temporarily replaces the regular eligibility criteria of having
    fill level 4.

    Note that the requirement to personally refer 3 still stands.

    This is huge for all of us! If you have your three and spillover
    qualified you through level three (3,9,27 for a total of 39 members),
    you'll enter the Diamond Eagle Club.

    This is why many of you who do not have three personal enrollments
    right now are either purchasing them their selves or getting people
    join today. We only have a limited time period here folks, so
    the 4+1 strategy with yourself if you can afford it and with your
    prospective team members before launch.

    The implications of this are enormous. There are many already
    to enter the Diamond Eagle Club as soon as they flip the switch on
    and there will be a stack more with compression. This is going to
    cause a
    flurry of TCC re-entry positions as people cash out and enter The
    Eagle Club. It will create spillover to those newer members in the
    and help qualify them quickly for The Diamond Eagle Club.

    I strongly urge you all to listen to stay tuned to the BB conference
    call page

    29 MAR CALL discussed much strategy and details about the Diamond
    Eagle Club. If you are not yet a member of The Country Club, we
    you take a position IMMEDIATELY! You will stand a great chance of
    some of the spill that will come from this huge event."

    Things to Look For:

    Be sure to be on tonight's BB corporate call for up to the minute
    as we head toward what's expected to be a very exciting Friday-Monday.

    Thursday, March 30 at 9:00 PM ET/6:00 PM PT
    641-793-7500 – Pin: 147410#

    Just a friendly note that some of
    you have gone inactive or red in TCC. This could simply mean that
    expiration date has expired or that you card is no longer accessible
    a number of other reasons. I strongly encourage you to contact TCC
    ASAP if you or one of your downline member is red or inactive.
    members will not be removed from the system, however they are not
    qualified to received commissions. When calling TCC ask for Joy and
    she'll quickly help you.

    An Accountants nightmare is about to be remedied
    People receiving various cheques from The Country Club have not had
    an Account History to correlate their payments to. But soon you will
    able to track all your commissions for every position you have in The
    Country Club through Country Club Pro.

    A few check points now:
    1. Name on Checks
    Since my last Update we have heard from a few people who haven’t
    received any sign of a cheque and wondered why.

    The first thing to do is .. Log into your Country Club records.

    The third item in Box 1 User Information is
    “Name on Checks”
    If you haven’t filled that in yet your money will be held until you
    them a name.

    To add your name, click at the top on
    “Click Here to update your account information”

    If you did supply the “Name on Checks” your money is still held for
    30 days before sending it. Therefore if you get a check on April 3 or
    4, it will reflect what was owed to you for your work in the entire
    of February .. Feb 1 to 29. And on May 3 or 4 you could anticipate a
    much bigger check that will reflect the efforts made between March
    1 and 31.

    2. Roll Up Bonuses
    Towards the bottom of Box 1 you will see
    I plan to get the Roll Up Bonuses Yes

    If you have introduced new people you must remember to tell them
    to indicate that they wish to automatically Roll Up by clicking in
    circle next to “Yes.” This can always be reversed at any time eg if
    anyone wishes to cash out at the completion of any level.

    For now I would ask that everyone who receives these Updates
    please pass them on to your own personally sponsored people
    and request that they do the same.

    Let's Spread the Word of this awesome biz to
    everyone you know and get them to the forum NOW!!

    ************************************************** ********************

    Folks, if this does not get you excited, nothing will! Do not be
    caught inactive right now, as you will miss out on all of the
    spillover. Do not let your downlines be caught inactive for the same
    reason! :) We're rolling ya'll!


    *You are receiving this message because you are in my downline in TCC
    or BB and this information is imperative to the success of your
    business. If you wish to remove yourself form the business, you may
    do so from your back office. If you do so, please notify me to
    remove you from my TCC / BB contact list as well.

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