Launching this week, so join now to be at the top..

When you join this program and buy an ad for $25(USD) you will receive two income generating Business Centers in our 3x8 Matrix. You receive a Gold Business Center and a Silver Business Center.

You can buy as many $25 blocks of ad space that you want and you will receive a Gold and Silver Business Center for each.

Your Gold Business Center is placed [top to bottom - left to right] from the top of the structure down starting with the company in the order that people join. It doesn't matter who refers them or what country they are from, they just keep filling in. Every time a Business Center falls on your 3rd through 8th levels you will get paid.

Everyone's Silver Business Center is placed under your sponsors Silver Business Center. Every time sales take place on your 3rd through 8th levels you're making money.

Filling an entire matrix would make you $9,564.75. Once you have filled an entire Matrix you will be given a new Business Center. Remember you get TWO Business Centers for every $25 ad block, so it's possible to make $19,129.50 for every $25 spent on advertising.

20% Matching Bonus on all Personally Referred People. Example: You personally refer 10 people and they each make an average of $1000.00. This would get you a matching bonus of $200 per person, making you $2000. In the same scenario if you referred 100 people you would make matching bonuses of $20,000.

You also get a 5% Matching Bonus of all THEIR personally sponsored people. : So again, You personally refer 10 people and they each make an average of $1000.00, making you $2000. Now if THEY personally refer 10 people each and they each make an average of $1000.00, you would get a matching bonus of 5% making you $50 per person, which amounts to an extra $5000 for you.

It easy to see how much money can be made on matching bonuses alone!

There are never any sponsoring requirements to get paid, but of course you will make more if you do refer others.

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