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    Default Pixels That Pay You

    Pixmeup is all about building traffic to your website,
    and making money helping others do the same.
    The fact is, selling website pixels is the rave!
    It is a HUGE wave that is sweeping the Internet and
    has the advertising world baffled.

    Read the article in the Wall Street Journal about how
    a kid in the UK is close to becoming a millionaire
    by selling pixel ads.

    Now comes PixMeUp, an advertising and money making
    opportunity all in one package.

    How do you make money with PixMeUp?

    1. Purchase a pixel ad. There're no free members in the
    system which is a big plus. All you need to make money
    is the purchase of one $25 pixel ad, and there's no
    sponsoring requirement to earn; however, there're some very
    profitable bonuses you'll earn from those you personally sponsor.

    2.When you purchase your pixel, you will receive two
    income generating Business Centers in our 3x8 Matrix.
    You receive a Gold Business Center, and a Silver Business Center.

    Here's the good News!
    Your Gold Business Center is placed (top to bottom - left to right)
    from the top of the structure down: starting with the company
    in the order that people join. It doesn't matter who refers them
    or what country they are from, they just keep filling in.
    this is a straight line matrix so, the earlier you join, the
    more people you'll have palced under you

    Every time a Business Center falls on your 3rd through 8th
    levels you will get paid.

    Please note that the sign up rate is currently over 300 people daily;
    this is a ripe time to get in, and benefit from all the people who
    will be joining later.

    Everyone's Silver Business Center is placed under your
    sponsors Silver Business Center. Every time sales take
    place on your 3rd through 8th levels you're making money.

    Filling an entire matrix would make you $9,564.75. Once you
    have filled an entire Matrix you will be given a new Business Center.
    Remember you get two (2) Business Centers for every $25 ad
    block, so it's possible to make $19,129.50 for every $25 spent
    on advertising.

    3. Matching Bonus

    20% Matching Bonus on all Personally Referred People.

    Example: You personally refer 10 people, in their first 60 days,
    and they each make an average of $1000.00. This will you would
    get a matching bonus of $200 per person, making you $2000.


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    Who is the owner of this advertasing site and what payment options they use?

    Best wishes

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