Trading requires learning the skills and patience to achieve successful result…well that’s one way to go…95% of people get too emotional and fail right…
Robots are great and another way to go…but they can be set to the emotional mind of the fund manager...again it’s not guaranteed to produce results for you.
Becoming a broker or affiliate to a broker – well that’s just the best job in the world…win or lose trades you still earn a commission on the trade spread either way…you win when you lose…and you win more when you win on the trades.
Getting paid a share of the “Trade spread commission” as a client from your broker…well that’s just GENIUS!!!
Top / Client / Agent / Depositor / Partner Broker – Makes $2Million per Week Just 2 Years In !!!

  • Capital refund any time…Guaranteed returns…and paid extremely well residual incomes for referrals x 4 generations
  • Minimum return per month is no less than 11%
  • Managed 100% for you
  • 10 accounts maxim maximum each 10KUSD
  • To make more than 11% for sharing this system with other with an uncapped ROI
  • NO BS!

Looking for…

  • Investors
  • Sales representatives
  • BDMs
  • Financial Consultants
  • FX – MT4 Traders
  • People in general who understand money making money is the most powerful form of breaking free financially

You Don’t Need…

  • FX Trading Knowledge
  • Time to learn
  • To learn how to trade the currency market
  • To refer anyone to earn 11% on your own deposits

All You Need is a…

  • Minimum Start up $2000USD to be a Client / Agent / Depositor / Partner Broker

You can deposit…

  • Maximum 10KUSD in each of your 10 lifetime account
  • Maximum of $100KUSD in total
Contact me for password
Troy Jenkins [email protected]