RabizHYIP 30%-35% daily for 5 days


Q: How long have you been offering this program online?
A: Since 31 July, 2006.

Q: How much money can I earn?
A: We offer 30%-35% daily for 5 days period for example if you invest $100 - your total return will be $150 (30% * 5 day)

Q: Do I get the principal deposit back?
A: No, Your principal included in daily profit.

Q: Are there administrative fees?
A: No, there are no fees associated with your investment.

Q: What is the minimum and maximum spend?
A: The minimum amount you can invest is only $1 and maximum is $10,000.

A: Which e-currencies do you accept?
A: We use e-gold to make deposits.

Q: How do I receive funds?
A: All payments will be made automaticaly in your e-gold account.

Q: What guaranties do we give?
A: We avoid giving any guarantee of your profit.
We are sure that our best guarantee will be the duration of our existence.

Q: Who can participate in this program?
A: Everyone can participate in this program. We accept members from any country in the world.

Q: When will I get my 1st payment?
A: If you invest today in our program your first interest payment will be deposited directly to your e-gold account tomorrow before 23:59 GMT.

Q: Are multi-spends allowed?
A: Yes, you can make as many spends, as you would like. each new deposit will be treated individually.

Q: How long does it takes you to answer my mail?
A: Usually it takes about 24 hours.

Q: Do you offer any referral bonuses?
A: Yes. We will pay you 5%-10% referral bonus. Your downline must be put your e-gold account number in e-order form in memo section

Q: Can i send spam to find more referrals?
A: No, Spamming will result in immediate deletion of your account, no questions asked, no exceptions

RabizHYIP 30%-35% daily for 5 days
Please If you decide to invest don`t forget to put my e-gold account number(2488821) in e-order form in memo section.Thank`s