Why do a lot of Fly Emirates crew quit within 3 years of joining the airline?

People who have never been a crew member with Emirates will probably never understand why people resign from Emirates. They think ‘’How can someone resign from one of the best airlines in the world’?’. To many, being Emirates cabin crew is a dream and that is why many would not really understand why people would resign. I think no one would really understand until they themselves would walk in their shoes.

Emirates have a very high turnover rate. They keep having tons and tons of cabin crew recruitment events around the world, monthly. That is because so many crew leave every day. A friend of mine resigned Emirates as a crew member last year. She told me that when she was doing her exit stuff at the bank, she was number 16 in line to close her bank account. So during that timing and day there were 15 other Emirates cabin crew waiting in line to close their bank accounts. All because they were resigning. That was during that specific timing and day. Crazy!

Now to the question of why a lot of EK crew resign within 3 years.

The crew that resign from Emirates have one of these reasons or a mix of all:

Fatigue. The rosters the Emirates crew have are a lot. They keep having flights back to back and having long hours. The rosters sometimes can be crazy. People are bound to get tired and they feel they can’t do this anymore. The crazy sleeping patterns also affect them.

Homesickness. They are far away from friends and family. Living in a country that is not their home country. At first living in Dubai might be ‘’wow’’ for some, but the ‘’wow’’ factor wears off very quickly. Imagine every single day you work and then come home to no one. Yes you share the accommodation with roommates but they are not your family or friends like home. You are in a country and place that you are not used to. You start missing your home, people and things that you were used to.

Loneliness. Even if the crew are surrounded by so many folks they often feel lonely. The Emirates crew share their accommodation with either one or two flatmates. Still they feel lonely. Of course they make new friends from their batch or around them but still the feeling of being lonely can be too much sometimes. When you start to feel lonely then the homesickness kicks in. That is when you keep thinking about home. You start to feel depressed and sad. A long period of feeling this way then you are bound to start thinking of resigning.

Rules. When you sign your Emirates cabin crew contract you also sign up to follow 10000 rules. There are various strict rules the crew have to follow both on duty and off duty. Example: the female crew are not allowed to have any male friends sleep over at their house. The same for the male crew. Example: if the crew wish to have family over to their accommodation, they have to sign forms and have it approved. This is in regards to having family over to stay for a long period of time. There is also a curfew in place for all crew. The strict rules can feel suffocating for some. Example: the crew are not allowed to have alcohol in their houses without a liquor license. If the company finds out the crew have alcohol in their accommodation without having a liquor license then the crew is fired. Having all these rules makes the crew feel very controlled by the company. The crew feel like kids having a ‘’big brother’’ watching them at all times, etc.

Working environment. Emirates cabin crew have no unions. If something happens they have no safety net or no support from anyone. There are a lot of back stabbing happening among the crew. A lot of crew reporting each other. A lot of crew getting fired for silly reasons, etc. The crew feel they don’t have any support from the managers. Example: if a crew member ends up having a argument with a passenger, then the passenger have the right to get that crew member fired. The crew really have no voice. The airline will back up the passengers but not the crew. The service on board are very tough and strict. The passengers are very demanding in certain flights. When the crew have no voice, no support from managers and have difficult passengers then sometimes it feels like they are ‘’modern day’’ slaves on board.

Roommates. The crew share the accommodation with one or two other crew. The crew are not allowed to change accommodation until after they have completed their probation period. The probation period is 6 months. Then after they have completed their probation period they have to make a request to change accommodation. This process is not easy and does not happen quickly. I have a friend that wanted to change her accommodation because of she was not happy with her roommate and they were not getting along. It took her two years to get the change approved. Having bad roommates affects the crew a lot.

Fantasy. Crew have a picture of what their lives would be like before they join. They think this is a dream life and a dream job. They think the job is easy and breezy. They paint this picture in their minds and think it is a walk in a rosy garden. But when they arrive in Dubai they will realize that perhaps this was not what they had in mind. Perhaps the job is too demanding. The hours are too much. They can’t handle the stress and press. The rules are too much. They simply aren’t enjoying the job anymore and this was not what they had in mind. So they do the job for 1–3 years and quit.

Other goals. Then we have crew who resign because they feel this isn’t for them anymore. They have different goals and plans than this. Their plan in the beginning was to do this for approx 1–3 years then go back home and continue with other stuff. We have crew who take this job because they wanted to try it for one year and see how it is. They never intended to stay in the company for long. Some even do this as a fun thing for a short period of time and then resign.
These were some of the main reasons why Emirates crew resign within such a short period of time.

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