If you have been thinking about starting to trade in the Forex market then you would do well to avoid the 'annus horribilis' that have been 2019.

It was the nasty word 'b' we're all sick of hearing about the mess has been caused in terms of the strength of the GBP, in foreign shores we have to see global unrest that weakens the dollar and the yuan, and even our colleagues in Europe struggling with a flatlining economy and the euro reduced.

It is important that you are not discouraged by this; of course, a weak currency does not necessarily indicate a loss, but the need to be smart on your feet. Next year but looks promising and could be a great time to start trading Forex.

Before you begin

Before I get into why 2020 looks set to be a solid year for trade, it is important that you invest the time you have now, arm yourself with information about possible trades.

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Learn strategies, market impact, forecasting and historical information to support you during your first year of trading.

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With Brexit almost finished, we have a clear vision - or less - what divorce agreement with the European Union looks like, and a strong period for when it will be delivered.

In the future, the value of the pound should continue to be stable and boost the economy.

The United States and China

Broken trade negotiations between the US and China have a negative effect on the currency of both countries, not to mention the damage done as a result of the protests yuan in Hong Kong.

Apart from these two issues, however, expect to see a resolution in early February, which in turn will provide both economic jump-start they need.

The Federal Reserve has done a good job around cut interest rates and added liquidity has ensured that the dollar remained strong during this time, still, there is plenty of room for the dollar to grow in strength once the trade agreement is wrapped.


Although many analysts wrote off cryptocurrency, early indications are that 2020 is set to be a good year, especially in the final two quarters.

With more currencies are released and more confidence in their success potential, crypto should take from losses in Q1, and finish the year with real strength, provide new Forex traders a great place to make some solid gains.

All in all, 2020 promises to provide more opportunities for new traders and that is why you should DEFINITELY consider Forex trading in 2020.