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    Default Self defense class

    A self defense class is a workshop which provides the people who attend it with basic skills to defend themselves. Typically, these classes are sponsored and led by a women's group or law enforcement, although they are open to all members of a community. Depending on the type of class, the workshop may take only a few hours on a Saturday morning, or might take the form of multiple classes spread out over several weeks. People who are not familiar with any martial artsor self defense techniques should strongly consider taking at least an overview class, because it will improve personal safety and make them much more confident.
    The style of a self defense class varies, depending on who is leading it. In general, the teacher assumes that the students have no knowledge of self defense at all. Therefore, simple defense moves are taught, rather than complex ones which require a lot of physical strength or knowledge of martial arts principles. In addition, students are often led through empowerment exercises to increase confidence and make them feel more secure when out on the streets. Typically the group of students is small, allowing everyone to practice all of the moves and to bond the students together.
    Contact Us:
    Elite Martial Arts
    98 The Esplanade
    Toronto, ON
    M5E 1A9
    Phone Number
    (647) 406-9862

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