Well,before we get started on how to do spot gold on the Internet,there is more basic knowledge about spot Gold
Investment Amount: To Bat large by small; capital needed is small, suit medium and small investors.
Trading Time:Long trading time, mulitple opportunities, Monday to Friday, 24hrs trading.
Trading Means:T+0 instant transaction, easy way to gain profit and to control risks
Trading Object:Gold as trading object, help to lock key tracking object and gain profit.Gold Jinyu.
Technical Analysis:No market makers, reliable technical analysis, easy to control.
Market Liquidity:Because of itís leverage character, short term market fluctuation and profit gaining opportunities are abundant.
Utilization Rate:short term trade, margin transaction, high utilization of funds, suit medium and small investors.Gold Jinyu.
Risk Controlling:platform system contains automatically take profit, stop loss, avoiding manual operation misjudgment or psychological impact.
ROI:two way trading, gain profit both rising price and declining price.