I've been a member with BRONZE OPTION at www.makingitonlinerevealed.com since 28th April 2014. The first time I got the transaction id number: d1a8890c85da was on 28-04-2014 - 12:12 pm when I funded my account with paypal. Within three weeks Stewart refunded the amount USD 105.90 back to my paypal account due to the PAYPAL ISSUE he had. Then the second time I got the transaction id number : 1e2ace6fe0f9 was on 29-05-2014 - 10:26 when I created a new Profit option and funded my account with Egopay [100 USD] and Payza [5.90 USD] after I had several correspondences exchanged over email with Stewart and everything agreed upon. Several days passed, my transaction earnings did not start and later when I checked my account, my transaction status:29-05-2014 - 10:26 am: 1e2ace6fe0f9 - $105.90 did not show my contact details and said: "Nothing could be found for
this Transaction" in the Profit Option Selected. My transaction status results disappeared from the system. By receiving no replies on my several enquiries sent after that to Stewart, it seemed to me that Stewart had deleted my transaction by mistake and I'm earning nothing on my 100 USD invested funds on my Bronze member level which I
invested since 29-05-2014. Later, Stewart replied to my email and asked : "How did you send your funds for that transaction (1e2ace6fe0f9)?" . I replied to him quoting all our earlier correspondences and then he replied stating: "Can you please create a new Profit Option for $100.
I will confirm your funds and get you transaction started. Apologies for the delay on your transaction, there were one or two that
got removed by mistake when we switched over to the new system." Again, I created a new Profit Option for 100 US$ and notified him by email. Nothing happened for the next 2 days and I sent him several reminder emails after that, but till now my transaction did not start. The most disappointing factor is that, he did not bother to reply to my reminder emails and no action had been taken at his end to resolve my case. From all the testimonials which I had viewed and my experiences on his prompt replies to my earlier enquiries and correspondences, I was sure that he is a very honest business person with strong commitments, but in my case I still did not have a chance to experience that. I still can't believe that situation would turn this way round. Frankly speaking, I do not wish to spoil his reputation in the market. But at the same time I'll make sure that a person should do a fair, honest business deal with partners and don't cheat each other which is my firm policy. BECAUSE I NEVER DO THAT TO ANYBODY AND WILL NEVER ALLOW SOMEBODY TO DO THAT TO ME. I still do hope that Stewart will keep up to his promises and update my account soon and get my transaction started and prove himself that he is a genuine honest business person and not a scam thus saving his reputation in the market.
Best wishes and good luck.
Ashish Basak [from United Arab Emirates]
Tel: +971 55 2043666
Username: dilvik
E-mail: [email protected]