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    Default Car "crash" story(s).

    Warning, some reading follows, and is intended for those who have nothing better to do, if you have something better to do...go do it

    Here's my story:
    I'm driving home on a dirt road at night in my 2000 intrepid (70,000 miles, good condition) with a friend in the car (we're both 16). It's all good, going about 35-40mph, listening to the radio, until out of nowhere something appears in the road (remember this is a dirt road and its dark out). My first instinct is to swerve (which is what you're not supposed do) and then I lose control, and go into the ditch.
    After a few ...."select words" and sitting there for a sec taking in what had just happened, we get out to survey the damage. The whole front fender is all messed up [scratched, dented, and ...hanging off of the car] and there's a liquid leaking out on the ground. At this point...I realize I'm screwed (I'm dad is going to kill me). I get in the car and somehow manage to get it out of the ditch, and drive home...and think for a while.
    I've learned a few things (silver lining) and also learned something, and that is: Modern day cars are super shitty when it comes to quality...and fenders are a rippoff.
    Well there's my story...I felt that I had to share it with, feel free to add your own incidents if you've had any.

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    Cars can be very dangerous, and especially dirt roads at night. I'm just glad you and your friend escaped without damage. The damage to the car can be fixed, you can't.

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