Pacfunds -

Earn 15% per day for 10 days investing in the housing futures markets.

We invest in the electronic housing futures markets. We have been successful at trading since the market opened.

We pay you 15% every day of the week for 10 days directly to your e-gold account. Simply click on the invest / deposit link to invest in our program via e-gold. You will receive your first payment automatically in 24 hours! You will end up with a return of 150% after 10 days of payments.

Refer us and earn 10% of the deposit of the person you referred. You will be paid within 5 minutes. Please view or referral section for more details.

If you have any questions please read our FAQs or you may contact our investment consultants by clicking on the contact us link.

Investment Guidelines:

Minimum Deposit: $1.00
Maximum Deposit: $10,000
You may make multiple deposits as long as each deposit is within the minimum and maximum deposit limits.
To invest simply click on the "Invest / Deposit" link on the left menu.
Housing markets currently traded:

LAX: Los Angeles

WDC: Washington, D.C.

Additional markets will be traded in the future.

LIMITED TIME OFFER! - We are offering a 10% bonus for all single deposits over $10. You will receive your bonus directly to your e-gold account within 5 minutes from the time you deposit!