One dollar has never been worth so much! Have you ever wished you could earn just one dollar from thousands of people that you provided a product or service to? With Vooka's powerful affiliate compensation plan you could receive one dollar each month from hundreds, thousands, and potentially even more than a million customers per month. This is your opportunity to capitalize on the next major internet trend. The time is now, the SilverBox Solution powered by Vooka Technology is scheduled for international released in September.

HERE is a GREAT CONCEPT! Since only 2 people can be placed on anyones's first level, dynamic spillover and the efforts of all downline affiliates fill in the levels in the income community for a potential total of 8190 people through 12 levels. At one dollar monthly residual commission, you can have a serious income by referring only two people!

THERE is MORE! At the late summer 2006 international product release, watch for the announcement of how your referral income compensation plan will be extended to include 20 levels! Imagine the possibilities of earning $1 per person monthly on your entire community... well, you can do the math!. You might want to sit down first.

Vooka’s marketing program is designed for the average person to benefit from the coming worldwide Internet economy. Simple, powerful and based on a satisfied customer referring others. The income potential for the average person is substantial. There are many magnificent things within the Silver Box including a relatively easy part time income for the average person, or for the serious Internet marketer…… the potential to generate true financial independence!
If you can refer just two friends, you may be on your way to creating a one of a kind web-based business with the kind of income most people only dream about!
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