The scam Yellow Stones Investments (ys) will be closing down around 4-5.september. As ys admin or rc admin will not reveal these vital information this will announced here and on other forums. This posting has already been deleted before at rc forum – so there must be some truth about it I recon…mind you both persons have financial interests in this info not reaching public.

YS admin has already admitted in ys’s official forum ( that he has less than 10% or 5k left of member investments. So unless more people start compounding or more poor fools are deceived into investing new funds in the scam, ys should stop pay outs around 4-5th of September.
Same ys admin tried a week ago to find five investors to place 50k each in ys. He would then invite them to his office to see how ys invested, but he would not meet with them himself…BS! Thanks God he did not get manage to steal another 250k. Of course no one trusts a man that tells you he has just lost over 90% of your investment.

YS admin has also in same forum admitted the working capital were placed on ys’s e-gold accounts. Instead the website states funds are to be invested in sports betting and diamonds. So ys is not even a hyip but a pure money fraud. If people knew their money was never invested no one would have let ys store them on their e-gold accounts, the whole idea is that funds are being invested. Recently, ys deducted all their daily rates and refs – clearly to buy an extra day or two. YS admin even claims that scammers have swindled money out of ys so he is a victim himself – what a funny lie. He sure is creative I will give him that.

When criticising the ys admin, he always avoids the real topics. If he even responds he argues for something complete else or he attacks the members by stating stories like you have not invested in ys at all. Like he knows our identity? Information that should strictly confidential no matter what! Well desperate men use low point methods as they have no real arguments or cannot defend themselves in words. And when it is completely hopeless he just deletes the post… what a stand-up guy hah

My motive is not self-centred as I have financial interests in ys myself, otherwise I would not waste my time on this. But I hate scammers, liars, and crooks!! It would be great if ys actually was the real deal and had invested our funds to make us all profits, but thus is obviously not the case.

So consider yourself warned against Yellow Stones Investments on YellowStones Investments.

Take care out there.