IGTFX , Market Review – IGTFX , Fundamental Perspective

IGTFX , The AUD gained and reached almost its strongest level since January against the JPY on speculation that investors bought higher-yielding assets on increasing signs of a global economic recovery. IGTFX , The NZD gained the fifth day versus the USD after the International Monetary Fund commentated that New Zealand’s currency overvalued and it may pull down. “Our estimates suggest the currency is presently overvalued by 10 percent to 25 percent,” the IMF said in its statement. IGTFX , “Part of the overvaluation may be temporary and the exchange rate may depreciate as IGTFX , the interest-rate IGTFX , differential narrows with eventual tightening by the U.S. Federal Reserve.” IGTFX , Benchmark interest rate is 2.5 percent in New Zealand while Japan’s rate stays at 0.1 percent and U.S.’ interest rate is near zero. IGTFX , The NZD/JPY fell back after it reached the resistance level around 66.30. IGTFX , It reached a day-low at 65.75 while the AUD/JPY came back after it extended gains towards its highest point around 86.20. IGTFX ,

IGTFX , The USD/JPY climbed to its highest level since the beginning of the year before a report today is expected to show that U.S. IGTFX , employers added jobs the most since three years. The USD/JPY reached a high near 93.62, IGTFX , which is the highest level since January 7th. Today, the USD gained also against the NZD after it dropped yesterday for the fifth time. IGTFX , The pair reached a low around 0.7042 after it opened at 0.7042.IGTFX ,

IGTFX , The CAD climbed to its highest level in almost two weeks against the USD after an economic report showed that the nation grew at the fastest pace in three years in January. IGTFX , The gross domestic product increased 0.6 percent from December, IGTFX , which was the fifth straight rise and the biggest since December 2006, Statistics Canada published in Ottawa. IGTFX , The USD/CAD fell for a fourth day after it touched a day-low near 1.0136. TIGTFX , he CAD/JPY reached a record high around 92.32, IGTFX , which was its highest peak since October 2008. The CAD/CHF pulled up from its support around 1.0330 and reached a high by 1.0396.IGTFX ,

IGTFX , Daily Technical Analysis - IGTFX , Our Focus Currencies for Today

NZD/JPY (Daily)

IGTFX , Since February 25th, the NZD/JPY has been moving in a bullish trend channel. IGTFX , After touching the lower line of the channel, it pulled up and reached its resistance level around 66.30. As we can see, IGTFX , the CCI indicator reached its resistance level near 160, which could be a signal for an overvalued NZD.IGTFX ,

IGTFX , Intraday Support & Resistance IGTFX , (Daily)Support Levels around Resistance Levels around. IGTFX ,
IGTFX , 64.85 IGTFX , 66.3
IGTFX , 62.9 IGTFX , 66.85
IGTFX , 60.95 IGTFX , 68.

USD/JPY (Daily)

After breIGTFX , aking the resistance level around 92.20, the USD/JPY extended its IGTFX , upward trend and reached finally the level around 93.40, which is the highest since January. In the meantime, IGTFX , the RSI stayed right below the resistance level at 70, which may indicate an overbought market. IGTFX , If the market doesn’t break the resistance level around 93.40, IGTFX , we might see a pull-back towards the next support level which could be around 92.20.IGTFX ,

IGTFX , Intraday Support & Resistance IGTFX , (Daily)Support Levels around Resistance Levels around.IGTFX ,
IGTFX , 92.2 IGTFX , 93.4
IGTFX , 91.2 IGTFX , 95.45
IGTFX , 88.45 IGTFX , N/A