Lift above 1.4200/16 barrier reached fresh one week high at 1.4238, confirming the near-term positive stance. Mild correction has so far been contained at 1.4200 zone, with focus on 1.4281, 14 July high and key near-term resistance. Break here to signal fresh phase higher and open 1.4373/90, 07 July high / main trendline resistance. Initial support lies at 1.4170, 20 day MA, while possible deeper reversal needs to be contained at 1.4130 to maintain near-term bulls.

Res: 1.4238, 1.4247, 1.4257, 1.4281
Sup: 1.4190, 1.4165, 1.4132, 1.4107


Near-term price action is for now capped under 1.6200 zone, 14 July high / daily 55 day MA, along with bear channel resistance line at 1.6230, as current remains in narrow range sideways trading. Near-term outlook is still constructive after today’s dip found support at 1.6068 and subsequent bounce returned to previous range. However, break above 1.6200/30 is required to confirm near-term bulls off 1.5779 and open 1.6261/1.6300 for test. On the downside, only loss of 1.6100 handle would weaken the structure and open 1.6054/00 initially.

Res: 1.6148, 1.6176, 1.6192, 1.6230
Sup: 1.6068, 1.6054, 1.6040, 1.6004


Weakens the near-term structure after overnight’s fresh strength attempted to break above the range, but gains were capped at 79.30. Brief break below of 78.80, range floor, would signal an end of current directionless phase and likely resume the broader bear trend towards 78.45 low initially, with break here to open way for test of pre-intervention low at 76.32, short-term. On the upside, only regain of 79.60/80.00 would improve the near-term outlook.

Res: 78.97, 79.30, 79.59, 79.68
Sup: 78.71, 78.55, 78.45, 78.00


Near-term outlook shows a return to strength after finding ground just above fresh record low, with break above 0.8200, near-term range top, regaining initial barrier 0.8273. Next targets lie 0.8300/25 zone, above which would signal stronger recovery ahead. Corrective dips, however, need to be contained at 0.8200/0.8180 zone, previous range top / 20 day MA, to keep near-term bulls in play. Wider picture show the key short-term barrier at 0.8520/50 zone, and failure to regain the latter, would risk a lower top and fresh leg lower of a longer-term downtrend.

Res: 0.8253, 0.8276, 0.8309, 0.8325
Sup: 0.8180, 0.8162, 0.8150, 0.8112