I opened a real account with ForexTime.

They offer a cent account, which for me is fine, but the problem is that they do not offer good spreads on regular market condition (no news, no NFP, just swing trading), so any pair that you want to trade, they have a very high spread, and on GJ, it was 10 pips.

Despite that, I tried to continue using the account, but when I want to place a buy or sell, I always had delays on the execution. So, when I placed a trade, it took more than 5 seconds to execute it and if I want to put 4 trades.. it will took more than 1 minute in total..

I opened a real cent account on other broker and despite they have high spread, they are not as high as on ForexTime, and placing 4 trades took me 8 seconds on average.

So Huge spread combined with slow market execution... Its not something that you can work and trust..

So please take this into account when you want to open an account on ForexTim