The Euro traded in consolidative mode during the Asian session, moving within narrow range and above last Friday’s fresh low at 1.2934 that marks Fib 61.8% of 1.2744/1.3241 recovery rally. The downside pressure persists, as the pair dented 200 day MA and near-term range floor at 1.2950, with weekly close above these supports, but below psychological 1.3000 barrier. Corrective rally above the later, may extend towards strong resistance at 1.2950/60 zone, last Friday’s high / 50% of 1.3193/1.2934 downleg, where rally should be capped. However, sustained break here, would sideline immediate bears and allow for stronger recovery. As near-term indicators hold in the negative territory, fresh weakness is still seen as likely scenario, with violation of 1.2950/34 supports, expected to open 1.2915, daily Ichimoku cloud bottom and psychological 1.2900 support.

Res: 1.3000, 1.3033, 1.3050, 1.3064
Sup: 1.2958, 1.2934, 1.2900, 1.2861


Cable extended weakness off 1.5600 barrier and retraced 38.2% of larger 1.4830/1.5603 rally, on last Friday’s fall to 1.5313. Corrective rally on oversold near-term studies, would be short-lived and likely precede fresh weakness, as long as previous breakpoint at 1.5410 and Friday’s high / 50% of 1.5586/1.5313 fall limits the upside. The notion is supported by negative near-term technicals and double-top at 1.5590, as well as brief break below main bull trendline, drawn off 1.4830, 13 Mar low. However, further weakness below 1.5300 handle, needs to break key near-term support at 1.5200, to confirm top at 1.5600 area and signal end of two-months corrective rally.

Res: 1.5410, 1.5450, 1.5482, 1.5500
Sup: 1.5340, 1.5313, 1.5300, 1.5285


The pair continue to trend higher, with last Friday’s and overnight probe above psychological 102.00 barrier, suggesting further bullish extension towards 103.00, next target, however, fresh bull-leg above psychological 100.00 barrier, could travel to 105.00. Corrective pullbacks are expected to be limited and any stronger reversal should be contained above 100.00 support. Initial supports lie at 101.00 and 101.80, Fib 38.2% of 98.63/102.14 upleg / 55 day EMA.

Res: 102.00, 102.14, 102.50, 103.00
Sup: 101.00, 100.80, 100.38, 100.00


Last Friday’s extension of larger downtrend and break below parity level, keeps the bears in play and sees scope for further extension, as the pair lost significant support at 1.0114, multi-month range floor. Dips were so far contained at 0.9960, above which, near-term consolidation is under way. With the upside, for now being capped by psychological 1.0000 barrier and 20 day EMA, recovery action should be limited, despite overextended near-term studies. Any stronger bounce, however, would require clearance of strong 1.0220/50 zone, to ease immediate bear pressure, otherwise, fresh weakness towards 0.9900, would be likely scenario.

Res: 1.0010, 1.0028, 1.0072, 1.0107
Sup: 0.9960, 0.9900, 0.9825, 0.9800