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At prelaunchX, we help companies launch new products and services. Our current launch partner is code-named Forex Firm X. Before the official launch of Forex

Firm X, you can begin growing your potential earnings in three ways...

1. A free, managed forex account.
2. Sign-up bonuses (up to $100 per person).
3. Monthly commissions ($10/month per person)

Forex Firm X is located at Financial hub of the Caribbean islands

Forex Firm X are working toward launching a new forex trading platform backed by unparalleled new predictive analysis technology. They expect their new service will leave competing brokers playing catch-up for years to come. Specific details of their service offering are being closely guarded due to the highly competitive nature of this industry.

The program launches on August 27 th 2012.

There are three ways your potential earnings can grow during the prelaunch build-up with Forex Firm X...

1. Managed Trading Account
Forex Firm X will automatically create a forex trading account linked to your PLX account. This account will begin with a balance of US$100. They will trade this linked account in the forex market on your behalf. The trading decisions will be made by their in-house staff of experienced forex traders in combination with the predictive analysis technology they are developing.

2. Sign-up Bonuses
Forex Firm X have agreed to pay you a one-time sign-up bonus of US$100 for each person in your first social circle and US$20 for each person in your remaining unlocked social circles (2-10). Payment of sign-up bonuses requires that the people in your launch group create forex trading accounts with Forex Firm X after their official launch.

3. Monthly Commissions
Forex Firm X have agreed to pay you a recurring monthly commission of US$10 per month for every PLX user in your unlocked social circles who creates a forex trading account and maintains an active trading balance with Forex Firm X after their official launch.