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U.S. Markets

U.S Markets were closed substantially lower yesterday.
Dow Jones index futures point to a Higher opening.
Yesterday, The Dow Jones index was closing at 12,715 -1.65%, the S&P 500 index was closing at 1,358 -1.71% and

the NASDAQ index was closing at 2,991 -1.83%.

European Markets

European Markets were also closed much lower yesterday.
Later on Today, Spain will present a program of budget cuts to stop the rise in its bond yields, which have

reached 5.99% - a record not seen since December 12th.
Yesterday, The FTSE 100 index was closing at 5,595 -2.24%, the German DAX was closing at 6,606 -2.49% and the

France CAC was closing at 3,217 -3.08%.

Asian Markets

Asian Markets were traded with a negative sentiment for the 6th consecutive session,amid concerns that the

European debt crisis is far from over.
Sony introduces a record loss Of $ 11 billion, as worldwide demand for its products fell, for the first time in

six years.
Earlier today, The SSE Composite Index In China is traded at 2,298 -0.31% while the Hang Seng Index in Hong Kong

is traded at 20,092 -1.29%, and the Nikkei 225 Index in Japan is traded at 9,413 -1.30%.

Commodities & Foreign Exchange

The U.S Dollar Index is Higher, Currently traded around 79.81 on a Lower Euro.
Crude NYMEX went up by 0.32% , currently traded around $101.33.
Gold prices went down by 0.25% , the precious metal is currently traded around $1,655, Spot Silver is currently

traded around $31.60.

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