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Thread: Marketiva forex

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    Default Marketiva forex

    $5 Free Live Forex, Accepts E-gold Paypal etc

    How much money do I need
    to start trading Forex?

    With its industry-leading platform, Marketiva allows you to start trading in Forex market with as little as $1! Due to their strict lot specifications, most of other Forex brokers require at least $500 to start with.

    May I open a demo account
    and try the system first?

    Because you can have a live and a demo trading desks within one Marketiva account, you can try the system using the same account you can later use for live Forex trading. In any case, you can open your Marketiva account for free!

    You only need 5 minutes to open your account - and it's free!
    Accepts: E-gold, Paypal and Wire Transfer

    Start trading forex today.. Play with the $10000 Free Virtual account

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    It depends on the broker really but most these days require at least $200 to open an account. here is one site that would lead you to a leading forex broker which requires the following standard deposits- mini $200, gold $500, platinum $1K and vip $10K.

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