Daily Technical Analysis by FXCC 30Dec11

Euro vs. US Dollar (EURUSD): We can say that additional bearish movements could be seen during current session, particularly if it succeeded to maintain prices below (1.29746) zones. A proper confirmation would occur if the EURUSD will manage to fall beyond the (1.28902) support level.
Look for short positions for today`s trading session.

R1: 1.30168| R2: 1.30568| R3: 1.31034| R4: 1.31974| R5: 1.32374
S1: 1.28902| S2: 1.28208| S3: 1.27142| S4: 1.26742| S5: 1.26342

Great Britain Pound vs. US Dollar (GBPUSD): We believe that possible bearishness could be seen during this trading session. Immediate resistance is at (1.54856). Close above that area could lead us to neutral zone as direction would become unclear, but as long as price moves below that level the major scenario remains bearish. You may try to sell from (1.54727), (1.55311), and (1.55866).

R1: 1.54727| R2: 1.55311| R3: 1.55866| R4: 1.56450| R5: 1.57002
S1: 1.53588| S2: 1.53033| S3: 1.52449| S4: 1.51894| S5: 1.51394

US Dollar vs. Japanese Yen USDJPY (USDJPY): USDJPY is at a crossroads, the instrument has a 50 50 chance of a recovery above (77.977) or a fall towards (77.330) in the coming session. We have to wait and watch the movement of the instrument from current levels.
We need to hold for current session.

R1: 78.001| R2: 78.494| R3: 78.794| R4: 79.094| R5: 79.394
S1: 77.109| S2: 76.809| S3: 76.509| S4: 76.209| S5: 75.909

Source: FX Central Clearing Ltd. (FXCC)