This broker may be a scammer as some have stated. I had a bad experience with them recently. I was always losing on my trades. So, i decided to see what i was doing wrong. Guess what i discovered? This company could be manipulating the charts. One example, which i communicated to them vide email, is the chart GBPJPY pair on Monday 19th June 2017. The chart from JF shows a bearish candle which full bodied for 18 pips but the same candle in FXTM and Tradingview show a long shadow bearish candle of only 8 pips. I lost the trade as it got stopped out. They still have not replied my email. The clown in live chat says it has to do with Liquidity Provider. Now that is really a joke. All they can do is point to an email address.

Please dont say i am a green horn in trading. The cheat is very obvious.