Dental crowns preserve the functionality of damaged teeth. Crowns may be used to protect a cracked tooth, restore functionality of a tooth with excessive decay, or cover a tooth that has had root canal treatment. The purpose of a dental crown is to encase a ’weak’ tooth with a custom-designed material.

During the crown procedure at de Man & Höediono, our Kitchener/Waterloo dentist will prepare the tooth for a custom designed crown. The dentist will use a unique computer assisted dental device called CEREC which takes digital photos of the prepared tooth and depending on the type of crown either sends them to our CAD/CAM milling machine where the crown is made in house or the dental labratory for fabrication of the crown. If the crown is being fabricated at the lab, a fitted, temporary crown is created during this visit to protect the tooth while the final restoration is being made. Once completed, the crown is cemented at a later visit.