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    Default Kitchen Furniture Company

    Inko is a kitchen furniture manufacturing company located in Coin, a town in southern Spain. Inko develops and designs solutions home and kitchen. Inko operates since 1998 in the beginning (called INCOSUR) catering kitchen furniture distribution furniture stores general and particularly kitchens and kitchens providing property development during the industry boom in early 2000.

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    The choice of kitchen furniture should be approached with great responsibility, because we spend most of the time in the kitchen, especially when we cook. Therefore, I chose a quality kitchen to make it stylish and practical. The furniture store I contacted for the choice of the kitchen provided me with the highest quality furniture and exemplary customer service. I chose sleek, streamlined cabinets that made my kitchen fresher. The company offers kitchens in a glamorous style, minimalist or insane in color, as you like, you can find more information on the site.

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