Hey everyone,

I am considering going with a company to use my ‘Big Data’ but I want to get some feedback first. I am almost 100 percent sure what company I am going to go with, but I need to make sure that I make the choice that is right for me. Do you think that you could help me?

I want to find a reliable company, this should be straightforward, I need to find a company that has been around for a few years and does not just take the money and run.

I want to find a company that actually provides me with the data in a readable format. I do not need someone to tell me to sort through 1000s of pages, that is what I am paying someone for.

I want good customer service, I do not expect to be the only person that this company has, but if I am paying I want a reasonable response time.

Are there any other considerations that you think I should take into consideration?