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    Default Special Promoter for Hyip Forums/ Blogs / Monitors & Programs - Mado's thread.

    Hello all.

    I would just like to bring your attention to a very good promoter. He is based out of Egypt. Goes by the name MADO.

    Yahoo : [email protected]
    Google email/talk/chat : [email protected]
    ICQ: : 634892780
    Skype: : risk_way_2010

    He has been given a sperate email at Rolclub: [email protected] which he uses for work only related to . He has been bringing Rolclub clients for advertising from hyips, forex, exchanges, monitors, blogs and much more worth thousands of dollars. More in the range of $XXX.XXX, and as a result of it also made very good money himself.He usually takes him 20% cut from all the income he brings Rolclub. Gets a renewal fee for each month his clients renew ads of 10%, and that keeps him onto the clients as a rocket, in terms of renewals.

    He is a very honest person in terms of not trying to cheat anyone. Makes his money by referring clients to Rolclub
    and several other forums, blogs and monitors. He is already very known in this industry, and has a 100% satisfaction
    rate with Rolclub aswell as many other forums who he brings clients.

    I wanted to write this thread as a testimonial to his work, which has been one of the best.
    I have had several promoters in past time who are very good aswell as make there living by
    referring clients to Rolclub, but he is the best, and does a great job by getting good rates from Rolclub for ads to
    the clients, and vice versa. You would obtain better rates via him, then purchasing ads directly on
    Rolclub and several other forums.

    I would recommend all hyips, monitors, blogs that wish to promote there services anywhere in hyip world to give it a
    try with him. I am sure you would be very satisfied.

    If you have done business with him, kindly post your testimonial/experience with him here.
    This thread stays for as long as he keeps the good business practise going.

    Best of luck with your business.


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