Owned by ABN Marketing Corp

Based in Costa Rica

Founded 2002

What is TransXpress?
TransXpress is an online payment system that gives its users ability to make instant payments within the system and to use its other functions.
TransXpress is owned by ABN Marketing Corp, a company based in Costa Rica. The company has been involved in financial markets and payment processing industry since 2002.

Why use TransXpress?
You can hold funds in your TX account in different currencies and convert between currencies at any time

You can buy gold grams online from your account balance. The gold grams values in TX accounts are backed by the physical gold held by TransXpress in a secure repository.

You can make bulk payments to 50 or more accounts at the same time

You can transfer TX funds to anyone and anywhere; even to people who do not have a TX account

TransXpress' Automated Payment (API) allows you to use TransXpress as a payment gateway for your own shopping cart or e-commerce site, provided the purchaser has an account on TransXpress site.

You can receive generous commissions for referring friends. Commissions are paid not just for referring a customer to TX, but for every transfer the person you referred makes within the system.