The AurumXchange company is your one stop for all your e-currency exchange needs. We sell and buy all major e-currencies through bank wires, money orders, and debit cards (e-currency to debit card only). We provide FULLY AUTOMATED and INSTANT exchange between all e-currencies as well. We offer the lowest rates, exceptional customer support and fast processing times. Our referral program is also up and running. Now we're paying YOU instantly and automatically! We currently work with Liberty Reserve, SolidTrustPay, HD-Money, ECUMoney, Global Digital Pay, and C-Gold with more e-currencies coming soon. We are a legally registered company of the Commonwealth of Dominica since 2007.


All of our exchanges are done with our new state of the art software that isn't used by any other exchanger on the market! There's no wait for your exchanges to be processed because everything is completely automatic. You will enjoy a new effortless way to exchange money which will make us your preferred exchange company.


We have bank accounts in many different locations in the hopes of making exchanging money for you more convenient! Because of the convenience of our many bank locations, we are one of the quickest exchangers on the market.

Our exclusive software also allows you to buy and sell multiple e-currencies in one order, which will let you enjoy a new, effortless way to exchange money! Only one wire or money order to and from multiple e-currencies!


We are very excited to announce that we have completed an agreement with a prominent offshore bank to start issuing our own debit cards for our customers! The cards are being issued online earlier than promised. You may obtain these debit cards NOW through our website!These cards are completely anonymous (no name on the cards) and may be used anywhere Visa is accepted.

These cards can be loaded INSTANTLY through our website with any of the e-currencies available through our company.

The AurumXchange Company has been certified as an official exchanger by GlobalDigitalPay, SolidTrustPay, HD-Money, and ECUMoney. We will very soon be officially certified by LibertyReserve (we are oficially certified since June 2009 by ECardOne, official reseller for Liberty Reserve). We have been also certified by the VFS Network as well as the Digital Gold Currency Association (GDCA).

All progression in our company is directed towards the convenience and happiness of our customers. AurumXchange, exchanging the way you swap money.

If you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact us through our online support, or through our support ticket system.

We look forward in serving you with your exchange needs!

The AurumXchange Company
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Instant exchange for LR, GDP, STP, ECU, HD-Money, CG.
Wire Transfers, Money Orders and Instant Load debit cards!