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Site Send Receive Reserve BL
WMCambio 1 WMZ 1.4999 AlterGold USD 980
Armchange 1 WMZ 5.5648 WMU 1.05
Exchengine 1 WMZ 26.8097 MoneyMail RUR 52408
N-change 1 WMZ 26.3505 RUR RBK Money 29825.39
ExchangeDnUa 1 WMZ 26.2854 WMR 44.02
WMCambio 17 WMR 1 AlterGold USD 980
Armchange 1 WMZ 5.5648 WMU 1.05
Megaexchange 1.0199 WMR 1 MoneyMail RUR 6399.63
N-change 1 WMR 1.004 RUR RBK Money 29825.39
WMIRK 26.2127 WMR 1 WMZ 2475.27
Megaexchange 5.4026 Yandex RUB 1 WMU 4.82
Megaexchange 1.0621 Yandex RUB 1 MoneyMail RUR 6399.63
Megaexchange 1.087 Yandex RUB 1 WMR 114942.31
Megaexchange 28.6426 Yandex RUB 1 WMZ 1395.02
WMCambio 1 AlterGold USD 1.4999 Liberty USD 300
Globoxchange 1 AlterGold USD 3.3 WMU 12546.04
Globoxchange 1 AlterGold USD 16 WMR 2506.08
WMCambio 1 AlterGold USD 1.4999 WMZ 100
WMCambio 1 Liberty USD 1.4999 AlterGold USD 980
N-change 1.039 Liberty USD 1 V-Money USD 853.84
N-change 1 Liberty USD 25.3743 RUR RBK Money 29825.39
Superchange 1.015 Liberty USD 1 Perfect Money USD 11499.84
Changerex 1.0923 Pecunix USD 1 Liberty USD 41.78
Superchange 1.045 Pecunix USD 1 Perfect Money USD 11499.84
Superchange 1 Pecunix USD 4.1701 UkrMoney UAH 3971.65
TRUE-Exchange 1.149 V-Money USD 1 Liberty USD 19.03
N-change 1 V-Money USD 22.2816 RUR RBK Money 29825.39
TRUE-Exchange 1.0597 V-Money USD 1 Perfect Money USD 20.64
Globoxchange 2.3256 E-Gold USD 1 Liberty USD 3313
WMCambio 1.1111 E-Gold USD 1 AlterGold USD 980
N-change 1 E-Gold USD 11.0108 RUR RBK Money 29825.39

To exchangers
If you own an automatic e-currency exchanger we would be like to include you in our list Ведущий мониторинг обменных пунктов электронных валют. Our criteria for inclusion:

1. Total reserves amount not less than $5000. Lesser reserves indicate lack of seriousness of intentions of its owner, thus tending to cause problems for clients.

2. Exchangers with Business Level (BL) below 200 are not allowed for participation. Please, come back after gaining enough experience.

3. We don't list exchangers registered for less than 6 months.

4. Exchangers may enlist without joining our partnership program, however, no direct link will be published. Your customers then will need to enter your URL manually. We don't work for free, sorry.

In order for your automatic exchanger (hereinafter "AX") to be listed at Ведущий мониторинг обменных пунктов электронных валют, you'll need to make an exchange rates export file.


Create a file named current_state.txt and make it available via OpenDNS AX address/current_state.txt.
The format for exporting exchange rates follows (in examples):
4-USD RuPay
6-Яндекс Деньги
7-RUR MoneyMail
8-USD MoneyMail
9-EUR MoneyMail
10-AMD Dramcash
13-E-bullion Gold
14-E-bullion e-Currency
15-Liberty Reserve
22-UkrMoney UAH
23-UkrMoney USD
24-UkrMoney RUR

This string means you will hand over 1.04 E-gold units and get 1 WMZ and your E-gold reserve is 2697.5

his string means you will handover 0,98 WMZ units and get 1 E-gold and your WMZ reserve is 2753.59

This way you'll need to list all your exchange rates and REFRESH the list as your rates and reserves change. Press Enter after every string, including the last one. Here are some example files:


After you created the file, use the application form to send a request for inclusion.

For more information, visit
Ведущий мониторинг обменных пунктов электронных валют

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