This is the website that is primarily in charge of Neteller funding and withdrawal, especially for traders who open and/or accounts through us.

It is compulsory that you register on this website and get verified before you start doing Neteller with us.

Your information
Please be careful when you’re registering If you make mistakes, you can’t change your info. This is part of our security measures, and that’s why you need to keep your information (including your username and password) very safe. If you lose your password, you can use our password recovery options to reset/change it, after which you wait patiently for a new password to be sent to you via your email. Please note this.

To get verified on, you would pass through 2 levels:

Level 1: is about uploading your passport photo and an ID (travelling passport or driver’s license or national ID card or voter’s card). If everything is OK, then we go to Level 2; otherwise, we would advise you on what to do.

Level 2: we would send you an email message, for you to respond to. After this, your status on the website would be changed to “verified.” Then you can continue doing Neteller business with us indefinitely.

Transactions without verification
If someone transfers Neteller to us without verification by us, the funds would be transferred back to them, while they bear the cost of the transfer. If someone sends Naira cash to us while not yet verified by us, the cash would be sent back to them, while they bear the cost of the transfer.

For you to sell Neteller to us, you must register and get verified by us. In this case, registration is different from verification. Registration means you have put your information on our website and uploaded the documents we require. Verification means we have officially approved your documents, and your status on our website has been changed to “verified.”

You can come to our office for physical verification, where you will bring any federal government-issued ID card and you will be required to login into the email address you use for your Neteller account to prove its ownership (you login on your personal device).

No-one may sell Neteller to us without getting verified by us. Once you are verified, you can sell Neteller to us, as often as you want and as much as you have. You would continue selling to us as long as you do not change your Neteller account.


  1. If you use another Neteller account to transfer funds to us, other than the Neteller account email you registered on our website, we send the money back where it comes from and we ban you permanently from selling Neteller to us.

  1. If you willfully enter false information when registering on our website, we ban you from selling Neteller to us. .

  1. If Neteller bans/restricts your account, we also ban you permanently from using our services. That means you have violated Neteller terms and conditions, and you can put us in trouble.

This rules also applies to SKRILL.

If you use your Neteller account for legitimate things, Neteller has no reason to tamper with your account.

However, you may still be able to sell Perfect Money, Payeer, etc. to us

Perfect Money/Payeer/Epay/Neteller/Skrill: