This is gold site!!! a few people only know about it, I discovered it by a coincidence sort of like Onecoin currency but still new (A friend of mine is an old member on it and making tons of money from it!!) But I'm still a new member in the club So if you do more research about you'll find out more about it :)

So, Swisscoin is a new upcoming cryptocurrency. It started like 6 months ago and has already over 600.000 registered members. Since it was launched recently, Swisscoin had a value of 0.03 (Pretty close to what Bitcoins started at) Then It went to 0.08 until yesterday, Today The 2nd of December 2016 its value is 0.12... By the way, they were expecting by the end of this year that it will increase to 0.1, Now it's 0.12 and still growing, Some are expecting that it will increase to 1 in the beginning of 2017! (They also have big event in Dubai In February 2017) :D

The value of the coins will raise due to supply and demand. Since there are that many investors already, the value of this cryptocurrency will just keep on raising. Meaning that everything you invest now. will raise in the near future, but the more you invest the more you earn more..

The split indicator is at 99% (when it reaches 100 your investment will double)

Unique Hybrid Marketing Plan 10% Direct Bonus 10% Fast Start Bonus Up to 22% Team Bonus Matching bonus of up to 20% until the 11 level Diamond pool with 1% of the worldwide turnover Bonus and career levels remain forever It doesn't require hard work or time!
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You can invest as little as 25euro and just watch it grow. (I will show you in the image below)
(25 = 200 Token) Every token worth a swisscoin!
Something you need to put in your mind, When I first singed up they request me (as all new members) to pay 25 for my membership, Now it's all free!

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